Finding the best chicken coop for your money

town house chicken coop

The popularity of owning chicken coops in one’s own backyard is still growing.  Clearly we all want the best chicken coop possible but there may be times when amenities will be cost prohibitive. The best chicken coop doesn’t have to equate to being the most expensive.  Owning the best chicken coop for the yard can be attained in many ways. Here we will discuss a few avenues to get the best chicken coop possible.



Awesome! You are handy and fix all things throughout the house. An instruction manual is a reference and not a step by step guide. Being a Do It Yourself person is a great way to have the best chicken coop. Building something from pieces of practically nothing may bring a greater sense of satisfaction and care when it comes to the health of the chickens. A Simple Google Images Search reveals tons of blueprints, diagrams and plans that a crafty person can work with to make their own best chicken coop after visiting the hardware store for the materials. Don’t forget that the internet is not the only place to see out references for ideas. Your local library and/or bookstore may have plans as well.  As a person good at building stuff… a lot of materials may already be in your possession. Check the garage, attic, basement or that one side of the house that most people use for storage.

For those of us that like to be green, the ideas can be endless when it comes to utilizing recycled materials or items.

Best Chicken Coop

These chickens didn’t just cross the road… They OWN the road.

It’s not uncommon anymore to see rooftop gardens on the top of tall buildings in cities large and small. This idea isn’t limited to skyscrapers. If you go a traditional best chicken coop route or build your own with a roof, build it to sustain an herb garden and solar panels.

Best Chicken Coop Green Rooftop Garden

One can never have enough rosemary.

There’s no real reusable chicken coops available without the need to completely refurbish. But that doesn’t mean garage sales and local flea markets should be avoided. Those locations may very well contain an item that can be re-imagined into the best chicken coop.

Best Chicken Coop

If this vans a rockin… The chickens are probably having a party.


Okay, so you can’t build anything at all. Not to worry. There are many options out there to purchase a chicken coop. Advantek has many products to have the best chicken coop in your yard including the Pet Gazebo that with added roosting bars instantly turns into the best chicken coop.

To begin your research…

Start Simple.

Where do you live? Is it urban, suburban or out in the country? Yes, you can have chickens in urban environments. How much room do you have for the best chicken coop?  How many chickens would you like to care for? Are there laws you need to abide by?

Best Chicken Coop

Don’t be egged on.

The last item that needs to be considered is security for your chickens from predators. Strict measures need to be taken to ensure the chickens are safe inside the best chicken coop and unavailable for predators.  Just to name a few to be cautious of..

  • Hawk
  • Coyote/Dog
  • Raccoon
  • Opossum
  • Weasel

This list shows how chicken predators take many forms and there is a lot that needs to be considered for protection.

Best Chicken Coop

Don’t Even Think About it…

Whether you can build or you are only able to watch things being built there’s always options to not overspend and find the best chicken coop possible.

The Advantek Dogs – Our Four-Legged Employees

You may have seen on our Facebook page how we like to bring our pets to work. Well, that’s an understatement. Our four-legged friends are part of our every day activities, in and out of work, and they have inspired many of our product designs. Whether they’re testing our products or de-stressing us just by being in the same room, the Advantek dogs are one of our favorite parts about what we do. So, without further adieu, let us introduce you to our Advantek dogs.

Advantek Dog “Lily”


At 2 years old, Lily is the old lady of the Advantek dogs. She loves coming to work to play with the other pups and the people. She also loves playing with her new human baby, Carter. She also enjoys chasing her tennis ball and going for walks. She has learned about 6 different euphemisms for “walk” and starts bouncing off the walls whenever she hears them.

-Dave Pomerantz – CFO, Advantek Marketing

Advantek Dog “Molly”


Meet Moorpark’s Princess Molly Mae. Molly Mae is an 8 1/2 month old brindle boxer. She is originally from Fallbrook, CA and joined our family when she was 8 weeks old. She was born on Valentine’s Day and she is truly a sweetheart! Molly comes to work every day with her mom and some of her favorite toys. In between meeting, greeting and playing, Molly loves to nap…and she snores loudly! Molly makes our hearts happy!

-Beth Anderson – Director of Operations, Advantek Marketing

Advantek Dog “Willow”


Willow is a 5 month old Mini Australian Shepherd. She is a local girl, born here in Moorpark, CA. Holly and her husband adopted her in August at 8wks and she has been a ton of fun since. She’s as quick as can be and has been referenced to “being on springs.” She takes great joy in slipping out of Holly’s office several times a day and running down the raceway to visit her Advantek humans. She’s little, she’s sassy and plays hard.

-Holly Martinez – Director of Human Resources, Advantek Marketing

Advantek Dogs “Alli and Laci”

Advantek Dogs Laci (left) and Alli prepping for Alli's knee surgery

Laci (left) and Alli (right) prepping for Alli’s knee surgery.

Alli and Laci are sisters and are the senior ladies at the office. They are 6 years old. We put them to work at Advantek, they are our models. They are together constantly. When they lay down they are mirror images of each other. We have open space behind our home and they love to bark at coyotes, rabbits and squirrels. Both are very needy and just want to be loved and petted.  They love playing with the other Advantek dogs.

Coming up on Monday November 16 Alli is getting her knee ‘scoped so your positive thoughts and vibes are appreciated!

-Sandy & Joe Pomerantz – Owners & President, Advantek Marketing

Advantek Dog “Gemma”


CJ met Gemma when he was working at an event in Simi Valley for Theresa’s and had a booth next to a rescue group called Change of Heart. They loaned him Gemma to make the Pet Gazebo look better, and by the end of the day he had adopted her. He now brings her to work a few days a week.

-CJ Pomerantz – VP of Marketing, Advantek Marketing

Advantek Dog “Mylo”


Mylo is 8 mos old. He’s had a very exciting life. He was born in South Korea, and when he got too big to live in the city (about Yorkie size) his only options were to go to the country, where he would be kept as food stock, or to get saved by a rescue group here in the states. Luckily for CJ and his wife, Mylo was able to get a ride out to Los Angeles, where they met him and were able to adopt him about 2 months ago. He’s become a great little brother to Gemma, and they are so happy to have him.

-CJ Pomerantz – VP of Marketing, Advantek Marketing

Needless to say, the Advantek dogs are a huge part of our lives and our work here at our company. Is your pet a large part of your life as well? Feel free to share your photo and story of your best friend on our Facebook page and we may feature it!

Finding the Best Outdoor Dog Kennel for Your Climate

When doing research to find the best outdoor dog kennel for your climate the first thing that comes to mind is winter. Yes, we will discuss all things winter, but first let’s not forget that the other three seasons offer elements of surprise and potential danger to our pets.


Summer. Dog. Cooling Off. Best Outdoor Dog Kennel for your climate

The heat this summer, I be like…

If you live in a summer like climate the majority of the year or experience summer for an all too short period of time there are many things to consider. Heat and excessive drought have plagued much of the west and parts of the  southwest this year leading to drying conditions and water rationing. Staying cool in the heat is a necessary element to keep our pets safe.

Dog. Hot. Summer. Best Outdoor Dog Kennel for your climate

Please turn on the air conditioning.

Shade is a huge priority during peak heat conditions. Ensure that a roof is in place or a reflective cover much like the one Advantek has created. This Pet Gazebo is one of the best outdoor dog kennels available. The reversible tarp roof reflects heat in summer and when turned over keeps heat trapped inside during winter. Keeping our pets hydrated is a necessity. We aren’t all that different when it comes to basic needs. Having water available and in the shade will allow our pets to consistently have access and stay hydrated. Remember that unlike us, dogs can’t sweat, but just like us, they can sunburn if their skin is exposed or their coat is too short or fine during the summer. A box fan only circulates the hot air around, and since our dogs can’t sweat, it doesn’t help to cool them off. In extremely warm climates, an insulated dog house might be the best option for our pets. The best outdoor dog kennel for your climate might add a little to the electric bill but ensuring the safety of our pets is priceless. Connecting a cooling mechanism to a dog house will keep our pets safe during the heat and even the…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

dog days of summer.


Fall and Spring are essentially the same, but in opposite directions. These seasons are transitions and some days it may feel like summer and other days it may feel like winter but, at the very least, temperature conditions aren’t the biggest concern here. With transitional seasons violent weather may arrive. Hurricane season peaks in September and October for those of us that live along the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean, whereas Tornado weather accelerates in Spring in the Plains and Midwest. With such severe storm possibilities, hail, dangerous cloud to ground lightning and damaging winds can occur. Make sure to follow your local forecasts and weather service to ensure your pets do not have to battle Mother Nature when she is this angry.  As the onset of winter approaches the first frost or hard freeze is usually observed September through November.

First Frost Map. Best Outdoor Dog Kennel for Your Climate

Average first frost

If your pet is primarily an outdoor pet there are some things that should be done to winterize your kennel. Gravel is the preferred ground for pets. It drains precipitation better and is easier to sweep. Cement or other flat ground accumulates ice and snow much faster than gravel and once our pets start to run around on the snow it will compact, become ice and be much more difficult to remove. Spring and Fall have a lot of nights that freeze and then thaw during the day. Don’t forget that urine can freeze. If a frozen puddle occurs our pets could do damage to the pads of their paws if they get stuck on the ice. Installing wind barriers is a great benefit to ensure you have the best outdoor dog kennel for your your climate and your pet. Pictured below is a kennel with a clear plastic tarp encased around it. Preventing wind chill is a big way to keep our pets warm. Fall is also the perfect time to remember that with winter on its way, it’s time to stock up on food and treats so that if the power goes out or a storm traps us in our homes we can sustain living until a thaw or help arrives.

Best Ourdoor Dog Kennel for your climate

Plastic wrap around the prevents wind from coming in.


Best Outdoor Dog Kennel for your climate

Look, winter isn’t all that bad, even with the polar vortexes and massive snowfall amounts the last few years, truth is, our pets like to play around in the snow. Exercise is still needed in the colder months, but just like with ourselves and our children we need to be careful .

Expect the Unexpected

Inclement weather in winter is nothing to take for granted. Subzero wind chills, temperatures and snowstorms can be of major concern to our pets. Within the kennel itself, four walls and a roof is needed. If one side is open, close it off with a tarp. Any doors that can be open and lead to drafts and drifts coming in need to be shut. Just like a leaky window with a draft in our home, the best outdoor dog kennel will be able to prevent those pesky winter winds from sneaking in. Our pets can be exposed to frostbite with out proper precautionary measures. It’s much better to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the dog kennel. Blankets on the floor help preserve some heat. If possible, one of the solutions to make yours the best outdoor dog kennel would be to heat the floors. It would be common to see pets resting on the floor instead of in their beds as they fell the warmth from the heating elements. A few ideas to have the best outdoor dog kennel for your climate would be to convert an area of the garage or patio so it feeds off heat from the house. Plastic is not the best material for any season as it offers no insulation.

Best Outdoor Dog Kennel winter

I’m not smiling because the clothes keep me warm. I’m smiling because I look silly and am plotting my revenge.

We always want to ensure our pets are safe from all the elements that occur. We’re all concerned about the health and safety of all our family members and by learning about the climates we live in can only help us stay cool or warm and happy.

Best Outdoor Dog Kennel

Now. I am adorable.

5 Unique Chicken Coops That Hold Chickens With Style

Unique Chicken Coops We’d Die For

A quick search on Google or Pinterest will show you that there’s a large amount of unique chicken coops that are being made for stylish chickens these days. With access to so many resources, people have become more creative with the way they are housing their chickens. From tree-hugging hutches to hobbit-style homes, there are so many creative and unique chicken coops that it can get easily overwhelming. Here’s five of our favorite:

1. Tree-Hugger Hutch


Image via Living the Country Life

Living green has never been so stylish. This hutch features 3 separate floors for your chickens to roam on. The best part – they will always have a tree to hug!

2. Cooped Up, Up and Away


Image via Pioneer Settler

Your beloved chickens are bound to have a crazy adventure in space in this rocket-ship-inspired hutch. This coop will fit up to 9 chickens, so you’ll have the entire team you’ll ever need able to go to Mars, where we heard they have water! Fresh eggs in space? Yes please!

3. Chicken Glamping


Image via Pioneer Settler

Ever heard of camping in your backyard? Well with this stylish glamper, your chickens will be able to every day! The benefits of this hutch are that it’s made out recycled pallet wood and it keeps your chickens save by being elevated from the ground. It can’t get much better than that in the world of unique chicken coops!

4. Hobbit Hutch


Image via Inventor Spot

Give your chickens a fabulous lifestyle in The Shire. Perfect for any Lord of The Rings fan, this hobbit hutch will transform a backyard into a magical land where hopefully the Eye of Sauron isn’t watching. Warning: This coop may make your chickens want to eat two breakfasts.

5. Modern Chicken Box


Image via One Hundred Dollars a Month

This modern chicken coop is perfect for any urban gardener out there. Not only does it provide your chickens with a colorful and attractive space to live, but it also doubles as a rooftop garden. This way, you’ll get to have fresh spinach omelettes every day!

Which one of these is your favorite? While they are all very attractive, and some of the most unique chicken coops out there, it makes them very hard to come by and probably pretty difficult to build. For those of you who aren’t so good with hammers and nails, we have a variety of chicken coops that are very attractive and will provide your backyard chickens with a beautiful and functional place to live. Keep an eye out for new styles coming out in 2016 as well!