3 Examples of Expensive Dog Supplies That Are Worth It

There are times when spending that extra money will be totally worth it. Expensive dog supplies are out there and we as pet parents can benefit from adding these to our homes.  That is, unless, you just buy your dog his/her own home.

Expensive Dog Supplies

Courtesy of Therichest.com

From therichest.com number 3 on their top 10 list of expensive dog supplies… Their description is as follows, “There is a doghouse, and then there is the super doghouse. This doghouse is a perfect fit for a pet as well as a human. It is extremely secure, as a retina scan of the dog is required before access is allowed. Thus, unless your pet invites other animals in from the neighborhood, no one else can get inside. It also has a direct access to the house in case your pet wants to interact with you. There are automated food and water dispensers and self-cleaning bowls. It has its own bedroom with sheepskin beds, plus a lounge and play area. There is even a 52-inch television set that continuously plays The Dog Whisperer. To top it all off, there is a temperature-controlled spa with purification system. CCTV cameras are also installed to help you make sure your pet is not up to any shenanigans.”

Oh yeah, the cost is $410,825.00

Okay, more realistically now.

 Here are our three examples of expensive dog supplies that are worth it.


Jogger Dog Stroller
Expensive Dog Supplies

Courtesy of Wayfair

Available on Wayfair.

Do you hate leaving your dog behind when you go for a run or a bike ride? Now you can bring your pet along.  This doggy stroller easily changes into a bike trailer allowing for rides to the park to play. As far as expensive dog supplies go, this one is a must for any pet parent that’s active.

Description from the website. “This Dutch Dog Novel Jogger Pet Stroller allows your pet dog to ride safely in comfort and in style. This stroller converts to a bike trailer, with optional kit, allowing your dog to take a lovely stroll. This Novel Jogger Pet Stroller by Dutch Dog has an aluminum-alloy frame, which ensures strength and durability. It is available in multiple colors for you to choose from. This pet stroller features a head rest cushion in the front opening. It has a lowered center of gravity for optimal stability. It features alloy rims and RVS spokes for durability. This stroller has a stable and anti-slip base. It has a two section roof-front opening designed for optimal riding pleasure for different breeds of dogs. The cabin fits into the rear section of SUVs to accommodate long trips. This stroller is perfect to take ill or aging dogs to enjoy the outdoors and lets you enjoy walks or jogs with them. It is foldable, allowing you to stack it away when not in use.”



The Garden Cottage by Advantek
Expensive Dog Supplies

The Garden Cottage

A video of the Garden Cottage

This Doghouse from Advantek will make you jealous of your pet.  With a porch for morning coffee, a shelf to grow herbs, a storage box to keep from losing toys and a place to dine you may find yourself outside urging your dog away so you can have it all to yourself. It’s pretty much the house of dog dreams. Ideal for small to medium size dogs, the Advantek garden cottage dog house is part of the GoneGreen series of dog houses using lumber that is grown in government-controlled sustainable forests.


Dog Food from Solid Gold

Solid Gold


Expensive Dog Supplies

Solid Gold Dog Food

While the least expensive dog food is attractive to the eye, the nutritional content is not the strongest ingredient. 3 cans for $1 as advertised in the Sunday Paper at your local market have ingredients filled with By-Products and chemical preservatives. While a dog does not read labels we should. Solid Gold Dog Food adds nutrient rich ingredients that help develop and keep your dog in top health.

From the website, “Crafted with your pet’s well-being in mind, Solid Gold’s holistic dog foods provide a unique blend of natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids for your dog’s optimal growth and development. You will never find corn, wheat, soy, meat by-product meals, artificial preservatives or artificial flavors in these recipes because Solid Gold uses only the highest quality ingredients and never sources from China. What is included is the transformative power of 19 superfoods to keep your dog in peak health.” Prices vary.

Any suggestions for us when it comes to expensive dog supplies that are totally worth it? Let us know.

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