5 Dog Camping Gear Must-Haves For Your Outing

Fantastic! You want to include your dog on your next camping trip. Since our furry friends complete our families it’s a no-brainer. As pet parents we need to take the same cautions with our dogs as we would do with anyone else. Now, before the actual trip begins there are a few things to think about, and of course the essentials in dog camping gear.

Dog Camping Gear

Where do you think you’re gonna sleep?


Much like ourselves, we aren’t going to traverse a mountain while recovering from sprained ankle or if our doctor recommended holding off for a bit. Our dogs must have a clean bill of health prior to leaving for the campsite. It’s ideal to get an all clear from your veterinarian. Our dogs should able to handle the activities, strenuous and not without any major concerns. Dogs also like to have responsibility aside from being a companion. One of the must have pieces of dog camping gear we will talk about below will cover this.





Often forgotten is the truth behind the difference in needs us as humans have versus the needs of the dog. Yes, basic instincts are universal but in the case of a first aid kit, not all items translate. Your first must have for dog camping gear is a dog/pet specific kit.

Dog Camping Gear

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An easy internet search through google reveals how readily available first aid kits are for our pets.  This valuable item is essential in your box of dog camping gear.



As you can see after watching the video in this link it takes a little getting used to, but dog booties are very important to dogs, especially when outdoors.

Dog Camping Gear

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While not typically worn on an everyday basis when on walks or playing at the park, there are many more reasons to use these booties then just for camping. That fresh snow pack on the ground or walking through an urban area with lots of broken glass or other debris, dog’s paws are susceptible to injury. A thorn or a stick could easily puncture the padding causing pain.  If not treated properly infection can occur. Having no idea what our dogs may be walking through it’s best to exercise caution and put on some dog booties. Available almost at any pet store and online, it’s best to plan ahead and add some of these to your dog supplies.



Dog Camping Gear

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When bringing along our dogs when we camp creates memories that will last a lifetime. We all need to remember that with another living animal we need to ensure they are taken care of. Extra water and snacks must be taken on hikes. Just like us during strenuous activity and potential hot temperatures, our dogs can grow tired and dehydrated. It’s about prevention not about reaction. One of the ways to help us help our pets is for them to carry their own backpack. This also gives our furry friends a sense of responsibility when they appreciate. This also eases the weight of our own backpack.  A quick internet search reveals how readily available they are. Definitely add this to your must haves of dog camping gear.



Dog Camping Gear

Brush me please

As beautiful as Mother Nature is, there’s tons of tiny things that can get caught up in the fur of our pets. From ticks to thorns to spurs, having a brush to keep your dog’s coat untangled and soft is a much needed piece of gear. High humidity combined with enhanced activity can make their coat matted and messy. Having a brush on hand is a must to keep their fur clean and your dog healthy.



Dog Camping Gear

Privacy Please!

Poop bags are already most likely part of your supply list at home so bringing them along should be a no-brainer.  Frankly, it’s a must. Dogs are going to poop and out in the lands where campgrounds exist so do animals that will be attracted to the aroma of your dog’s poop. To avoid these encounters it’s usually mandatory in campgrounds. If found not using poop bags, fines or jail time may occur. Please consider the rules at the campground you choose to visit and follow the directions on how to properly dispose.

And don’t forget… Have Fun!

What are your must haves for camping?

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