5 Summer Safety Tips for Your Pet

As we approach the summer months, we prepare for warmer days, vacations, and time spent with our favorite pets. How do you keep your pet cool with higher temperatures and ensure they stay healthy during these months? Advantek Pet reveals 5 summer safety tips to keep your pet happy, cool, and safe this summer.


  1. Schedule a checkup.

Protect your pet from fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other harmful parasites this summer by scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian. Most products can be purchased at local stores when looking for a solution to combat fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. It is crucial to get professional advice for your pet’s specific condition and health needs.


  1. Relax in the shade.

The most important thing to remember when temperatures rise is to keep your pet cool, calm, and collected. The PET GAZEBO® canopies and sun shades create a covered area to protect your pet from the elements. Your animal’s fur coat can easily make them feel hotter, which is why shade is crucial to keep them comfortable. Make sure they have enough cold, fresh water and don’t leave them in the heat for too long, especially during peak hours.

You can setup a small tub of cold water outdoors to keep your pet’s paws from getting burnt by the sizzling ground. It doubles as a mini swimming pool! Also make sure to use sunblock on their snouts because they can get sunburnt. Note that there is special sunblock for animals; just because it works for people does not necessarily mean it works for your pet.


  1. Pay attention to diet and exercise.

Summer is not an excuse for your pet to overload on treats and table scraps. Keep your pet’s diet under control with healthy meals and portions. You can also take your pet on walks and get some fresh air during the cooler parts of the day to beat the heat.


  1. Prepare for water safety.

If your pet does not know how to swim, get your PET GAZEBO® out to keep them away from the pool! When it comes to keeping your pet safe, preparation is key. When you head to the beach or the lake this summer on vacation, it is also important to bring your portable PET GAZEBO® with you. Your pets will be contained in a spacious, comfortable kennel that protects them.


  1. Bake them a treat.

Though it is important for your pet to eat healthy, treats are always acceptable in moderation. A small summer treat gives them something to look forward to on summer days. Dog Buddy Blog offers some tasty summertime recipes to whip up for your pup! They also include several healthy options to keep your pet on track for a successful, nutritious summer.

Advantek Pet believes that one of the best treats you could give your pet is a PET GAZEBO®. Call (800) 664-4939 to find the right size for your animal. Contact us to learn more about carrying our products in your store – we would love to hear from you!

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