Advantek At Global Pet Expo 2016


We are taking a short break from our usual posts to bring you an update from the road. That’s right, we’ve left our sunny California office for the, hmmm… the… Sunshine State.  Yep, we’re representing at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida this week at the Orange County Convention Center.  We look forward to flying out to The Everglades State this time every year. We’ve made new friends and anticipate our annual Florida trip to see them and to meet new folks, like you! We’ll be in booth 1409 and we’re revealing some great new items.

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Global Pet Expo

Setting up our booth.

Pictured left center is the Pagoda Rabbit Hutch (fully assembled). This is our newest rabbit item from the Pointe Elizabeth Collection and we couldn’t wait until Global Pet Expo arrive to show it off. “Your furry friend deserves the comfortable and cute Advantek Pagoda Rabbit Hutch. This two-story rabbit hutch makes living life outdoors comfortable and safe for your rabbits. It features a comfy indoor nesting box and the hutch has a pull-out tray for easy cleaning and maintenance. An access door allows rabbits to go down the ramp into the outdoor space, which is enclosed with rabbit-friendly wire. Galvanized hardware prevents rust and a non-toxic, waterproof asphalt roof insulates the entire nesting box and rains warm air in winter and cooler air in summer. This rabbit hutch is built of durable cypress that is naturally decay- and rot-resistant. The Eco-Friendly cypress is grown in government controlled, sustainable forests.”


Global Pet Expo rooftop

Fiona the Hen enjoys her coffee in her brand new Rooftop Garden Home.

What we are thrilled to debut in Orlando at Global Pet Expo is our Roof-Top Garden, the newest Chicken Coop from the Pointe Elizabeth Collection. “House your feathered flock and grow your own garden in the Advantek Roof-Top Garden Chicken Coop, part of the Pointe Elizabeth collection. This beautiful garden-hutch mix and run provides a safe and spacious living area for your chickens. This coop kit is made with top quality lumber and hardware for superior durability and functionality. The Advantek roof-top garden chicken coop gives your feathered friends plenty of space to move around and enjoy happy, healthy lives. The hutch provides plenty of room to rest and roost with two nesting houses and two roosting bars. A strategically-placed rooftop garden allows you to grow your own fresh herbs. Advantek’s Gone Green line of chicken hutches are a great way to safely shelter an animal from the elements. Grown in government controlled, sustainable forests, these shelters are constructed from durable cypress fir which is naturally decay- and rot-resistant

Global Pet Expo

Pet Gazebo Select Series

Our biggest and most anticipated reveal is the line of Select Pet Gazebos. This line provides a market-top cover available in a variety of colors making customization easily catered to your personal preference. Colors include, Beach Sand, Desert Sunset and River Grass, and many more! There are other great new features too, of course, but we’re just so excited we want you to see them for yourself! Come to our booth (1409) and say hi!   Cj, Ryan and Joe are all there waiting for you to say hello or slap a high five.

Can’t make it to Global Pet Expo this year? Don’t worry; we’ll give you all the details soon.

Global Pet Expo

Chauncy The Guard Chicken Waits for you to say hello.

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