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PET GAZEBO®, a perfect gift for the Howl-idays and beyond

At Advantek Pet, we’re committed to developing products that bring both comfort and joy to the furry members of your family. But as the holidays near, it’s hard not to think about the less fortunate pets who have either gone missing or haven’t yet found their forever family. Continue reading

You Got a New Pet! Now What?

Woman holding puppy

Getting a new pet and adding another member to your family is an exciting moment. Before you get too wrapped up in the excitement though, you should make sure you do everything you can to take care of your pet before they come home with you. What are the essential items on the new pet checklist when you want to bring your new furry friend home? Continue reading

The Emergence of Stylish and Modern Pet Containment

Dog getting pampered.

There is more to taking care of your pet than buying the right food and making regular trips to the vet. Pet containment is a crucial part of keeping your pet safe indoors and outdoors. How do you securely and stylishly keep your pet in one space? Advantek Pet discusses the emergence of modern pet containment that provides safety, comfort, and peace for your pets.

Safety First

Locking your pet in a room or tying their leash to a tree outdoors are not safe ways to contain your pets. It is important to effectively communicate with your pet, as your top priority is their well-being. The PET GAZEBO® stands tall with designer or reversible, heat-resistant canopies that protect animals from the sun and rain. There is also a spacious entrance for your pet and a drop-down window, giving your pet easy access to food, water, and some head scratches for being good.

Strength and Style

The PET GAZEBO® is durable. It protects your pet from the elements and contain even the strongest breeds. Replacement parts also keep your gazebo strong over time. The design is simple and more unique than ordinary crates, kennels, and exercise pens. As responsible pet owners, it is our job to find the best containment solutions for our pets. It can be difficult to find something functional and fashionable. The canopy covers allow you to pick the most stylish option for your pet, adding some flair and character.

Catering to Any Pet, Anywhere

Is your dog a diva? Does your cat belong on the catwalk? The PET GAZEBO® caters to any pet that needs safe and stylish containment. Your pet can relax and have fun in a space that fits their personality whether indoor, outdoor, or on the go. Enjoy the fresh air at the park with your pet or plan a beach day with your portable gazebo. The PET GAZEBO® is designed for easy transport and setup.

New Trends

Function and safety continue to be top-selling features for crates and kennels, but style is also emerging as a new trend. Pet parents want something that works well for their animals and has aesthetic qualities. Even though pet owners have a wider selection to choose from, not all options offer the same flexibility as the PET GAZEBO®.

Most containment options include pet gates to place between walls and rooms. Unfortunately, these options create limits for pet parents. Pet gates can only be used indoors, forcing owners to find two separate indoor and outdoor solutions. Other crates, kennels, and exercise pens do not provide the same shade for pets, as they are typically structured without a roof or canopy that provides shade. The PET GAZEBO® is a trendy, practical solution for indoor and outdoor purposes. Instead of blocking off a large portion of your home to your pet, you can create their own corner to make them feel special!

Are you interested in ordering a PET GAZEBO® for your pet to keep them safely contained and comfortable? Visit to purchase yours today.

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Why Do Dogs Curl into a Ball when they Sleep?

Sleeping French Bulldog

How many times have you watched your dog take a nap or cozy up in their bed for the night in an odd position? Do they lay stretched out on the floor, with their paws up in the air, or curl up in a tight ball? Advantek Pet lists the reasons why your pup could be curling up when they snooze to help you better understand these unusual positions. Continue reading

Asphalt Awareness during Summer Heat Waves

Dog's paws on asphalt.

Do you live in a state like sunny Southern California where Advantek Pet’s headquarters are housed? If you do, then you are probably doing everything you can to keep you and your pets cool this summer. Advantek Pet wants to make pet owners aware of asphalt conditions during summer heat waves and what you can do to keep your pets safe. Continue reading

Advantek Pet Heads to SuperZoo Show in Las Vegas

This month, Advantek Pet will be in Las Vegas, Nevada to showcase our products at SuperZoo – The National Pet Show for Retailers. In this week’s blog, we review what you can expect at the event and how to find us there!


Stop by our Booth


The pet show will take place on June 26 – 28 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. There are various educational sessions at the SuperZoo show and the Advantek Pet team will be at booth #2703 and #3278 showcasing our products. We are excited to meet businesses looking to sell our products in their stores. We will have our products on display for the attendees to see and you can also meet the Advantek Pet team! We look forward to getting to know the attendees.


Introducing the PET GAZEBO®


Did you know the PET GAZEBO® won a Best New Pet Product award from SuperZoo? We are happy to be returning to the show this year to meet pet retailers and stores interested in finding the best products to sell in their stores.

Advantek Pet has also added another PET GAZEBO® size to our suite of portable kennels. The four sizes are now recommended by the weight of your pet to ensure they have enough space and comfort. When used outdoors, your pet should not feel confined or trapped. Our different sizes give your pets the opportunity to roam and play.

Advantek Pet’s customers attach multiple panels to create a play area for their pets. Some customers have even created their own “catio!” Cat and dog owners alike love our PET GAZEBO® and we want you to feature it in your store to make it available to them.


Why You Should Sell Our Products


The Advantek Pet team is made up of friendly, animal-lovers who want to give pet owners useful and affordable products that their pets will love. We don’t like to make things “ruff” for our clients and customers. The PET GAZEBO® is a portable, easy-to-assemble kennel that can be used indoors, outdoors, and on-the-go. It is ideal for camping, fishing, dog shows, family gatherings, road trips, and more.

Our products also have style. We have canopies in a variety of colors to cater to your pet’s unique style. Are you shopping for an adventurous pet? The dark forest canopy is the one for you. What about an ocean-lover animal? Beach sand sounds like the perfect fit.

Meet us in Las Vegas to learn more about selling our products! Can’t wait for SuperZoo? We want to hear from you! Contact us today or call (800) 664-4939 to get in touch with us.

Why Cats Love Our Dog Products

At Advantek Pet, we love animals. That’s why we designed our PET GAZEBO® with practicality and comfort in mind to benefit not just dogs, but cats as well. Advantek Pet has noticed an increased interest in our PET GAZEBO® for their cats. Our Facebook page has shown us that more and more people are interested in our dog products for their cats. In today’s blog, we talk about why cats love our dog products and we even have some customer photos to share!


Why Cats Love the PET GAZEBO®


The PET GAZEBO® gives your cat plenty of space to play and enjoy the outdoors. If your cat is an indoor animal, it doesn’t mean they should be barred from the outdoors to get some fresh air. The PET GAZEBO® gives you peace of mind when your pet spends time outdoors because you do not have to worry about them running off or getting harmed by other animals that could enter your yard. It’s also a stylish addition to your backyard that can complement your pet’s personality with our selection of canopy colors. Create a permanent space outdoors for your cat or set it up temporarily when you want to take your feline friend on the go!


Keeping your Kitties Safe


We all know cats can get curious and explore. The PET GAZEBO® allows them to enjoy their own space without making them feel confined. In fact, we know of some customers who have created their own custom “catio” – a patio for cats! Because you can connect multiple PET GAZEBO®s, this gives you the opportunity to create a fun and safe play area for your cat.


Testimonials from PET GAZEBO® Lovers


Thanks to MizzScribe for leaving an Amazon review and showing us how she turned her PET GAZEBO® into a trending catio! Take a look at the custom concrete pad and the bunk bed made out of laundry baskets:


Take a gander at Linda’s play area for her cats! She connected three PET GAZEBO®s to create an awesome space for her cats.

 “My cats totally enjoy the PET GAZEBO®s and I absolutely love them. I would certainly recommend them to everyone!” – Linda St. Jean


Our other customers have also offered their kind words about our products and services below:


“Our cats love this pavilion. Thanks for making such a great kennel and offering excellent customer service too!” – Darlene McBryan


“Love, love, love this product! My cat stays in it for hours enjoying the outdoors and the wildlife in my backyard without harming any of them. I also know that he is safe inside from predators that may venture into my yard. Thank you for providing such a great product!” – Guynn Anderson


Do you get creative with your PET GAZEBO®? Advantek Pet wants to see! Post your photos to our Facebook page so we can see how happy your adorable pets are.


Contact Advantek Pet today to buy our products or to learn more about selling them in your store.

What Comes First: The Size of the Pet or the Gazebo?

It’s a simple, age-old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? At Advantek Pet, we want to help you determine which comes first, but with your pets. Which comes first for you? The size of the pet or the gazebo? There are a few things to consider before purchasing a PET GAZEBO® or adding a new furry friend to your family.


A Shift in Sizes


At Advantek Pet, we are developing new models to accommodate animals and their needs. Initially, we had designated PET GAZEBO® as small, medium, and large. To help you better identify the correct size for your pet, we are now focusing on the physical size dimensions and your dog’s weight.


Expanding Your Family


When thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, you should consider all the expenses that come with taking care of an animal. There are several things you need, including a bed, food, toys, and a kennel to protect them from the elements in your backyard or give them a stylish place to sleep indoors. We think the size of the pet comes first because it is crucial to find an animal you connect with and love, which is why we design our PET GAZEBO® with this in mind. No matter what size your pet is, Advantek Pet has the perfect size for your pet.


The Indoor Lifestyle


Sometimes our pets like to spend some time indoors. They can relax with their family, rest after visits to the vet, and stay in one space during special events so they aren’t in the way, but still have room for some puppy love and attention. A smaller PET GAZEBO® is ideal for these moments and dogs who live an indoor lifestyle. You can purchase a PET GAZEBO® for your pet’s size requirements, but also have smaller ones on hand that your pet can still fit comfortably in for sleeping, resting, or staying in one place when you have company over. The smaller kennel saves space and also gives your pet access to their own personal space indoors.




Pet stores sell exercise pens, crates, and kennels with different requirements to find the right size for your animal. It can be difficult to discern which kennel will be the best fit for your pet. Most are either too confining or too simple. Choosing a size for your PET GAZEBO® is effortless because it is done by designating size and weight. It includes various features to protect your pet outdoors, such as the reversible canopy and sun shade.


The PET GAZEBO® provides a stylish, comfortable place for your pets to relax in your backyard, on camping trips, and even inside your home. Interested in buying or selling our products? Learn more by visiting our website to contact us today.

Why Advantek Pet’s PET GAZEBO® Works All Year

Advantek Pet loves animals and created the PET GAZEBO® with our furry friends in mind to provide a safe, shady, and spacious place for them to relax. In our last blog, we told you why you need a PET GAZEBO®. This week, we are going to tell you more about why the PET GAZEBO® works well all year round – rain or shine!


Cool on summer days. Dry on rainy days.


Advantek Pet takes a personal approach when designing products for our pets. Our portable dog kennel protects your pet from the elements – rainy, windy, or sunny days don’t stand in the way of keeping your best friend comfortable. The PET GAZEBO® is available with a reversible roof that keeps your pet content with temperature control features. In cooler weather, the brown side of the canopy absorbs warmth from the sun, while in warmer weather, the white side of the canopy helps keep your pet cool.


Portability for indoor and outdoor pets.


Designed with pets and backyards in mind, the PET GAZEBO® is ideal for outdoor use to give your pets the luxurious outdoor lifestyle they deserve. You can also select your preferred canopy color to add some style to your PET GAZEBO®. If you have indoor pets or just want to bring your animals inside, the kennel’s portability makes it easy to move and set up indoors. Set up the PET GAZEBO® indoors for dogs, cats, bunnies, and any other small animals you love to spend time with inside.


No hassle for the holidays.


Do you have family and friends over during the holidays? Pets can easily get in the way when you have a home filled with guests and a busy kitchen. Sometimes our furry friends can get curious when there are an abundance of food and people gathered in one area, which can lead to accidents. You don’t want to harm your pet or stall your holiday festivities due to an unplanned trip to the vet. The PET GAZEBO® keeps your pets safe and out of the way when setting up for holiday parties and other gatherings. It also gives them more space to relax than feeling confined in a crate.


Do you leave town for the holidays to go on your annual camping trip? You shouldn’t have to miss spending time with your pet during special occasions and holidays. You can keep an eye on them for the entirety of your trip without worrying about them running off their leash and away from you. It also protects them from other animals on the camping site or any wildlife, depending on your trip’s location.


The kennel gives you the opportunity to take your pets with you wherever you go whether it’s to your camping trip by the lake or to grandma’s backyard.


Be anywhere you want to be with your pet and give them the outdoor lifestyle they deserve. Visit to view our products or contact us if you’re interested in carrying our products in your store.

Why You Need a Portable PET GAZEBO®

Have you ever wanted to take your pet camping or on a road trip, but knew you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your trip and keep an eye on them the entire time? Advantek Pet developed a solution that allows you to take your furry friends with you wherever you go so they can be a part of the fun.

Continue reading