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Advantek At Global Pet Expo 2016


We are taking a short break from our usual posts to bring you an update from the road. That’s right, we’ve left our sunny California office for the, hmmm… the… Sunshine State.  Yep, we’re representing at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida this week at the Orange County Convention Center.  We look forward to flying out to The Everglades State this time every year. We’ve made new friends and anticipate our annual Florida trip to see them and to meet new folks, like you! We’ll be in booth 1409 and we’re revealing some great new items.

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Global Pet Expo

Setting up our booth.

Pictured left center is the Pagoda Rabbit Hutch (fully assembled). This is our newest rabbit item from the Pointe Elizabeth Collection and we couldn’t wait until Global Pet Expo arrive to show it off. “Your furry friend deserves the comfortable and cute Advantek Pagoda Rabbit Hutch. This two-story rabbit hutch makes living life outdoors comfortable and safe for your rabbits. It features a comfy indoor nesting box and the hutch has a pull-out tray for easy cleaning and maintenance. An access door allows rabbits to go down the ramp into the outdoor space, which is enclosed with rabbit-friendly wire. Galvanized hardware prevents rust and a non-toxic, waterproof asphalt roof insulates the entire nesting box and rains warm air in winter and cooler air in summer. This rabbit hutch is built of durable cypress that is naturally decay- and rot-resistant. The Eco-Friendly cypress is grown in government controlled, sustainable forests.”


Global Pet Expo rooftop

Fiona the Hen enjoys her coffee in her brand new Rooftop Garden Home.

What we are thrilled to debut in Orlando at Global Pet Expo is our Roof-Top Garden, the newest Chicken Coop from the Pointe Elizabeth Collection. “House your feathered flock and grow your own garden in the Advantek Roof-Top Garden Chicken Coop, part of the Pointe Elizabeth collection. This beautiful garden-hutch mix and run provides a safe and spacious living area for your chickens. This coop kit is made with top quality lumber and hardware for superior durability and functionality. The Advantek roof-top garden chicken coop gives your feathered friends plenty of space to move around and enjoy happy, healthy lives. The hutch provides plenty of room to rest and roost with two nesting houses and two roosting bars. A strategically-placed rooftop garden allows you to grow your own fresh herbs. Advantek’s Gone Green line of chicken hutches are a great way to safely shelter an animal from the elements. Grown in government controlled, sustainable forests, these shelters are constructed from durable cypress fir which is naturally decay- and rot-resistant

Global Pet Expo

Pet Gazebo Select Series

Our biggest and most anticipated reveal is the line of Select Pet Gazebos. This line provides a market-top cover available in a variety of colors making customization easily catered to your personal preference. Colors include, Beach Sand, Desert Sunset and River Grass, and many more! There are other great new features too, of course, but we’re just so excited we want you to see them for yourself! Come to our booth (1409) and say hi!   Cj, Ryan and Joe are all there waiting for you to say hello or slap a high five.

Can’t make it to Global Pet Expo this year? Don’t worry; we’ll give you all the details soon.

Global Pet Expo

Chauncy The Guard Chicken Waits for you to say hello.

How To Find The Best Rabbit Hutch For Your Money

When it comes to providing for our pets we will go to any length to ensure their comfort and happiness. However, there are times when amenities may be cost prohibitive. But owning the best rabbit hutch doesn’t have to mean it will be an expensive rabbit home. Here we will discuss ways to get that best rabbit hutch that will be the talk of the neighborhood and keep your bunnies cozy while not over spending.  



Fantastic! You’re a DIY person or one that knows their way around a toolbox. This method will be the most effective way to not break the bank. A simple internet search for designs or plans for the best rabbit hutch (or the old fashioned way and seek out ideas at your local bookstore) revealed a lot of ideas and instructions on how to build a rabbit hutch using parts that are easily accessible from your neighborhood hardware store. The pieces you need may very well already be in your possession from previous projects. You never know what might be hiding in your garage.

This one courtesy of takes an old hutch and turns it into, well… a hutch.

Best Rabbit Hutch

Courtesy of


If you have the space in your yard, consider this idea via

Best Rabbit Hutch

Courtesy of

A great complement to an already beautiful backyard, these rabbit hutches can expand into structures that do more than just house your bunnies. Not only will you have the best rabbit hutch and be the talk of the neighborhood, installing solar panels or a rooftop herb garden to these buildings creates multiple functions and keeps you even greener.

Best Rabbit Hutch

Courtesy of

Much like this idea above, the best rabbit hutch sometimes is the best garden option too, especially if you live in an urban area with a small yard. What better way to grow fresh basil, rosemary, mint, sage and any other commonly used herb in your recipes.



Okay, so you don’t know the difference between a flat head or a phillips head screwdriver. That’s fine.  There are many options out there ranging from plastic to wood to the durable cypress fir that Advantek utilizes in our bunny hutches.

Shopping for the best rabbit hutch that is the perfect match will take a little research. You want to make sure it is ideal for your bunnies… we totally understand why. Since we all love our pets, we may tend to overthink the process. This is normal and nothing to worry about. We all want to provide the best quality that we can.

Start simple.

Where do you live? Is it urban, suburban or country? If you have a flat in Providence with no defined walls, how much space can you designate to your furry family members? What if you live on a farm with endless outdoor space? Or what if you just want the best rabbit hutch in the living room? Or just outside?

Do you need to worry about predators? While we never want to think about it, we do need to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to protecting our pets.  Do you live in coyote or snake country? Don’t forget about the safety of your rabbits when searching for the best rabbit hutch.  The Stilt House by Advantek is a great option that won’t break the bank.

Best Rabbit Hutch

Advantek’s Stilt Rabbit Hutch

There’s also the old fashioned way.  Go to your local brick and mortar locations and compare. While we may spend most of the time on the internet doing the research there’s still something about going out there and taking your pet with you (many pet stores welcome our furry family members inside) and letting them sniff (or gnaw) out what the best rabbit hutch is for them.

The biggest thing to remember is that the best rabbit hutch you choose is primarily used for sleeping. Confining the rabbits inside a hutch all hours is not healthy for them.

What are your ideas for the best rabbit hutch? Tag us and send us your ideas.



5 Dog Camping Gear Must-Haves For Your Outing

Fantastic! You want to include your dog on your next camping trip. Since our furry friends complete our families it’s a no-brainer. As pet parents we need to take the same cautions with our dogs as we would do with anyone else. Now, before the actual trip begins there are a few things to think about, and of course the essentials in dog camping gear.

Dog Camping Gear

Where do you think you’re gonna sleep?


Much like ourselves, we aren’t going to traverse a mountain while recovering from sprained ankle or if our doctor recommended holding off for a bit. Our dogs must have a clean bill of health prior to leaving for the campsite. It’s ideal to get an all clear from your veterinarian. Our dogs should able to handle the activities, strenuous and not without any major concerns. Dogs also like to have responsibility aside from being a companion. One of the must have pieces of dog camping gear we will talk about below will cover this.





Often forgotten is the truth behind the difference in needs us as humans have versus the needs of the dog. Yes, basic instincts are universal but in the case of a first aid kit, not all items translate. Your first must have for dog camping gear is a dog/pet specific kit.

Dog Camping Gear

Courtesy of

An easy internet search through google reveals how readily available first aid kits are for our pets.  This valuable item is essential in your box of dog camping gear.



As you can see after watching the video in this link it takes a little getting used to, but dog booties are very important to dogs, especially when outdoors.

Dog Camping Gear

Courtesy of

While not typically worn on an everyday basis when on walks or playing at the park, there are many more reasons to use these booties then just for camping. That fresh snow pack on the ground or walking through an urban area with lots of broken glass or other debris, dog’s paws are susceptible to injury. A thorn or a stick could easily puncture the padding causing pain.  If not treated properly infection can occur. Having no idea what our dogs may be walking through it’s best to exercise caution and put on some dog booties. Available almost at any pet store and online, it’s best to plan ahead and add some of these to your dog supplies.



Dog Camping Gear

Courtesy of

When bringing along our dogs when we camp creates memories that will last a lifetime. We all need to remember that with another living animal we need to ensure they are taken care of. Extra water and snacks must be taken on hikes. Just like us during strenuous activity and potential hot temperatures, our dogs can grow tired and dehydrated. It’s about prevention not about reaction. One of the ways to help us help our pets is for them to carry their own backpack. This also gives our furry friends a sense of responsibility when they appreciate. This also eases the weight of our own backpack.  A quick internet search reveals how readily available they are. Definitely add this to your must haves of dog camping gear.



Dog Camping Gear

Brush me please

As beautiful as Mother Nature is, there’s tons of tiny things that can get caught up in the fur of our pets. From ticks to thorns to spurs, having a brush to keep your dog’s coat untangled and soft is a much needed piece of gear. High humidity combined with enhanced activity can make their coat matted and messy. Having a brush on hand is a must to keep their fur clean and your dog healthy.



Dog Camping Gear

Privacy Please!

Poop bags are already most likely part of your supply list at home so bringing them along should be a no-brainer.  Frankly, it’s a must. Dogs are going to poop and out in the lands where campgrounds exist so do animals that will be attracted to the aroma of your dog’s poop. To avoid these encounters it’s usually mandatory in campgrounds. If found not using poop bags, fines or jail time may occur. Please consider the rules at the campground you choose to visit and follow the directions on how to properly dispose.

And don’t forget… Have Fun!

What are your must haves for camping?

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3 Examples of Expensive Dog Supplies That Are Worth It

There are times when spending that extra money will be totally worth it. Expensive dog supplies are out there and we as pet parents can benefit from adding these to our homes.  That is, unless, you just buy your dog his/her own home.

Expensive Dog Supplies

Courtesy of

From number 3 on their top 10 list of expensive dog supplies… Their description is as follows, “There is a doghouse, and then there is the super doghouse. This doghouse is a perfect fit for a pet as well as a human. It is extremely secure, as a retina scan of the dog is required before access is allowed. Thus, unless your pet invites other animals in from the neighborhood, no one else can get inside. It also has a direct access to the house in case your pet wants to interact with you. There are automated food and water dispensers and self-cleaning bowls. It has its own bedroom with sheepskin beds, plus a lounge and play area. There is even a 52-inch television set that continuously plays The Dog Whisperer. To top it all off, there is a temperature-controlled spa with purification system. CCTV cameras are also installed to help you make sure your pet is not up to any shenanigans.”

Oh yeah, the cost is $410,825.00

Okay, more realistically now.

 Here are our three examples of expensive dog supplies that are worth it.


Jogger Dog Stroller
Expensive Dog Supplies

Courtesy of Wayfair

Available on Wayfair.

Do you hate leaving your dog behind when you go for a run or a bike ride? Now you can bring your pet along.  This doggy stroller easily changes into a bike trailer allowing for rides to the park to play. As far as expensive dog supplies go, this one is a must for any pet parent that’s active.

Description from the website. “This Dutch Dog Novel Jogger Pet Stroller allows your pet dog to ride safely in comfort and in style. This stroller converts to a bike trailer, with optional kit, allowing your dog to take a lovely stroll. This Novel Jogger Pet Stroller by Dutch Dog has an aluminum-alloy frame, which ensures strength and durability. It is available in multiple colors for you to choose from. This pet stroller features a head rest cushion in the front opening. It has a lowered center of gravity for optimal stability. It features alloy rims and RVS spokes for durability. This stroller has a stable and anti-slip base. It has a two section roof-front opening designed for optimal riding pleasure for different breeds of dogs. The cabin fits into the rear section of SUVs to accommodate long trips. This stroller is perfect to take ill or aging dogs to enjoy the outdoors and lets you enjoy walks or jogs with them. It is foldable, allowing you to stack it away when not in use.”



The Garden Cottage by Advantek
Expensive Dog Supplies

The Garden Cottage

A video of the Garden Cottage

This Doghouse from Advantek will make you jealous of your pet.  With a porch for morning coffee, a shelf to grow herbs, a storage box to keep from losing toys and a place to dine you may find yourself outside urging your dog away so you can have it all to yourself. It’s pretty much the house of dog dreams. Ideal for small to medium size dogs, the Advantek garden cottage dog house is part of the GoneGreen series of dog houses using lumber that is grown in government-controlled sustainable forests.


Dog Food from Solid Gold

Solid Gold


Expensive Dog Supplies

Solid Gold Dog Food

While the least expensive dog food is attractive to the eye, the nutritional content is not the strongest ingredient. 3 cans for $1 as advertised in the Sunday Paper at your local market have ingredients filled with By-Products and chemical preservatives. While a dog does not read labels we should. Solid Gold Dog Food adds nutrient rich ingredients that help develop and keep your dog in top health.

From the website, “Crafted with your pet’s well-being in mind, Solid Gold’s holistic dog foods provide a unique blend of natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids for your dog’s optimal growth and development. You will never find corn, wheat, soy, meat by-product meals, artificial preservatives or artificial flavors in these recipes because Solid Gold uses only the highest quality ingredients and never sources from China. What is included is the transformative power of 19 superfoods to keep your dog in peak health.” Prices vary.

Any suggestions for us when it comes to expensive dog supplies that are totally worth it? Let us know.

Why Buy Luxury Dog Supplies?

Put that credit card away and don’t be tempted to seek out your emergency one either. After you see some of these luxury dog supplies the urge to spend and pamper your pets will be greatly increased. To be honest, if spoiling our pets is wrong, well you know how the saying goes. Now socks with holes in them and flat tennis balls are not good enough toys. Nor are old towels for them to sleep on; the best and only the best for our furry family members.

Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of


Gluten Free dog treats? Cashmere bedding? Gold rimmed food and water dishes? Yes. All of these luxury dog supplies exist to make you dig deep into your pockets for the high society lifestyle your dog absolutely deserves.

Luxury Dog Supplies:

For only $6900 this Royal Cabana Luxury Dog Bed can be yours. Click Here to visit the website.
Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of The Posh Puppy Boutique

From the product description, “This item is made to order. It has a beautiful chocolate glass inlaid band at the base. Inside is a plush round reversible designer pet bed with one side in pelted faux brown sable mink fur and the other side in a brown and gold velvet brocade fabric.” Visit the website for the full description.

If you’re going to spoil you dog, go big or go home. This stylish house will be the talk of the neighborhood making all other dogs around town incredibly jealous.

Less expensive than the Luxury Dog Bed, but equally elegant is this $500 bottle of perfume.
Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of Bitch New York

Named, Pooch De Noel Eau De Parfum, their website describes it as “These light, elegant fragrances are enhanced with two of the finest conditioners for the dog’s coat and packaged in beautiful crystal glass bottles and come in beautiful boxes making them wonderful gifts for the most pampered Pooch. From lively fresh notes for the male dog to lovely white florals for female dogs, there is a scent for all breeds for all seasons.”

When you bring your dog as your date on the red carpet or any other formal event, a spritz or two of perfume compliments any formal attire. As far as luxury dog supplies go, this is a definite go to.

After that black tie event or just to get ready for it, don’t forget to have your dog bathe in their very own shower.
Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of Erin Carroll Homes

With the difficulty of using the kitchen sink or that plastic kiddie pool in the backyard, the convenience of your dog having their own shower doesn’t just benefit the pet parent but the pet itself. Think of the array of luxury dog supplies that you can pair with their very owner shower. Bathrobes are available, as are chemical free body washes and designer inscribed towels.

Meanwhile, back at The Posh Puppy Boutique, this dog bed can be yours for $5998.00.

Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of The Posh Puppy Boutique

Don’t forget our dogs need a place to store all of their luxury dog supplies. Over at this elegant armoire set is the luxurious of the luxury.
Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of

As described on their website, “This suite is beautifully hand crafted in solid wood; all architectural details are drenched in Swarovski crystal and are embellished with semi-precious stones. All the bedding is made of ultra-plush designer fabrics. Attention to every detail is unmatched in the industry.”

Items are all made to order and can be yours for $12,999.

The last item we’ll mention is the Doggy High Chair courtesy of

Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of

As our dogs complete our families sharing the dinner table makes sense.  This doggy high chair retails for $900.

Have we tempted you yet with our luxury dog supplies ideas? I’m sure we have.  Let us know what luxury items you would buy. All of our family members deserve the best treatment possible and with these luxury dog supplies we are pampering our dogs to the fullest and we love it.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Dog Supplies



Having the best outdoor dog supplies available for our four legged family members promotes exercise which we all know to be one of the healthiest things we can do. As much as we as pet parents need health benefiting activity, our dogs rely on such playtime too. Exercise has more than just a few heart healthy benefits. It may include better memory and slower the effects of aging. For our dogs, exercise parallels a lot of the same benefits as us the pet parents, but also includes, less chance for urinary tract infections as going for a walk stimulates the need to urinate. Exercise also promotes a healthy digestive system. Read more about it here.


Promoting such activity usually requires some outdoor dog supplies. Here are five things to look for when researching and shopping for outdoor dog supplies.

Outdoor Dog Supplies: Determining Your Needs

Outdoor Dog Supplies

I got this

When the choice has been made to add to your family and adopt a dog, preparations must be made. Much like having a child, the majority of items needed to get started have already been acquired prior to the joyous day. Now, we’re not saying there should be a new doggy shower, but that would be pretty great, wouldn’t it? Your friends and family gathering with pet gifts like, outdoor dog supplies, indoor dog supplies and all other everyday needs. Celebrating the pending arrival would be a fun afternoon.

Determining your needs is based upon what dog you are adopting, what type of active person you are and what you and your family want out of adopting your new dog. Are you more of a stay at home lifestyle? A weekend warrior? A Mother Nature enthusiast? Exercise every day?  Or are you the type that would let your pet run around in the backyard and maybe your walks are to the mailbox and back? Maybe you go to the park on a holiday but don’t really bring your dog around anywhere? What kind of climate do you live in? Do you need to worry about rain, excessive heat or cold, snow or wind?

Well, all of us here bring our furry family members everywhere we can. With all of this potential activity there’s lots of outdoor dog supplies needed, that unfortunately, weren’t gifted at a new doggy shower.

Outdoor Dog Supplies:



Outdoor Dog Supplies

See, no one will know.

Just because you could doesn’t mean you should. Much like ourselves, safety is clearly the dominant factor when it comes to deciding what type of outdoor dog supplies we need. A comfortable collar and leash that doesn’t choke are necessities. When purchasing a leash, think of multiple uses. A tool not just for walking your dog but, can it be used on the hiking trail? Does it tie to a ground stake to secure your pet while camping or do you need to purchase three different leashes?

Dog Booties are a highly recommended item for all climates. They protect paws against harsh winter conditions including frostbite and the sharp edges of street salt, but also are helpful in the rain or on the hot asphalt or as this article called it, asp-hot!

As smaller dogs are more susceptible to predators, take caution if your dog is always out in the backyard. Birds of prey fly around in all 50 states, and anywhere outside of Hawaii, snakes can be a concern as well. For safety options it’s wise to have some sort of a dog shelter. Advantek has an array of options to consider when it comes to keeping your pets safe and secure.

Maintain the mindset of safety when shopping for outdoor pet products.  This will help determine your needs when it comes to providing for your pets.

Outdoor Dog Supplies: What Is You and Your Pet’s Style?


Outdoor Dog Supplies

How else would you cruise the boulevard?


With safety etched in the back of our minds, what about style? Do you like bright colors, such as yellow and orange to keep your pets visible? Or are you more of a dark clothing style person? Jeans and a tee shirt? Always a suit? Nudist? Whatever your style may be it is something to consider when shopping for outdoor dog supplies. Your pets will take on their own personality and catering to their quirks and traits is natural. Think about that as you cruise the aisles at your local pet store or online. What helps define your pet?

Outdoor Dog Supplies:

The Benefits

Outdoor Dog Supplies

Bringing your pet to work is a valuable benefit.

Picture courtesy of The Labor Dish where they talk about the benefits of bringing your dog to work and if it’s even legal.

Here at Advantek it’s not just legal but it is encouraged. Read this blog post from back in November. The benefit of having our dogs at work keeps us active. From running around the showroom and taking them for walks outside and around the office we love having our furry family members here. When considering outdoor dog supplies think about the benefits it brings to you and your dog. Does it encourage additional playtime and activity? Is a benefit keeping your dog safe? Is the benefit that it totally fits your style? Everything is purchased for a reason and that reason is the positive benefit.


Outdoor Dog Supplies:


Outdoor Dog Gear

Best Value for my Dollar

It’s a basic instinct to seek value when it comes to purchasing not just outdoor dog supplies but anything. Whether that’s top value on the dollar or value in experience or usage, we always want to make sure we get the most out of what we are purchasing. Do your research. Read the reviews. Compare companies. Think about what value it is you seek in buying items for your pets.

Those are the five things to consider when shopping for outdoor dog supplies. Have fun out there, be safe and don’t forget to let us know how much fun you’re having.

What do you consider an absolute must when shopping for outdoor dog supplies? Let us know.

Are Luxury Pet Accessories A Good Idea?

The State of Luxury Pet Accessories


Luxury Pet Accessories are not going away whether we like it or not. Luxury is defined by as, “a material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity.” There are also subjective definitions. If asking ten random people on the street to define luxury, the answers will be all over the place. Some affiliate luxury with money, others do not. To some, luxury is all they know, to others, luxury is something they will never know.  Luxury pet accessories to Family A means having a soft pad for their pet to sleep on, while…

Luxury Pet Accessories

Soft and Cozy

Family B believes that Kate Spade or another high end designer’s luxury pet accessories is just that, luxurious.

Either way, whether you fall into the category of Family A of Family B or None of the Above we love our pets and want what is best and safest for them.

The amount of money we spend on our pets has increased every year since 1994. That year, 17 billion dollars were spent on pets, not just on luxury or food, but all inclusive (Vet, Purchasing the pet, Boarding, etc…) In 2014, 58 billion dollars was spent and the projected number for 2015 is 60 billion dollars. Even accounting for inflation, the 17 billion spent in 1994 equates to 27.9 billion dollars today. In twenty years we’ve more than doubled how we spend to take care of our pets.

This article from Time Magazine is a very informative read on the subject. According to Time, in October 2012 Americans spent $370 Million Dollars on Halloween Costumes for their pets.

Luxury Dog Accessories


This is also because there is just so much more out there for pets. We’re not just talking ideas and do it yourself plans, but all around availability. The more we purchase and make the presence known on the internet, more and more options will continue to present itself.

Luxury Dog Accesories

Does this dress make me look fat?

This short Pro & Con article from a few years ago is spot on when it comes to whether or not luxury pet accessories are necessary. It was written during the economic downturn last decade but the ideals still hold true. The comments continue the argument and are a highly suggested read. What especially stands out is the thought that the priciest of luxury pet accessories were catered to smaller dogs. Can you picture a diamond studded collar more on a St. Bernard or a Chihuahua?

Are Luxury Pet Accessories A Good Idea?

Yes. Yes They Are.

Pets are our family members and they should be treated with the love they deserve. They should be comfortable when they sleep and when they go outside to play. Our furry family members should also be safe in any element regardless of where you live. When we travel, airlines now allow (size permitting) Pets to fit under the seat in front of you instead of being stored and forgotten in the cargo hold where all we do, all flight, is worry if the temperature is okay.  Traveling with our pets is a luxury and one that creates fantastic family memories.

There’s a difference between luxury dog accessories and the ridiculousness.

Luxury Dog Accessories

I don’t need color for my pedicure, but thank you.

We’ve earned the right to pamper our pets and as pet parents we will do anything for them, including but not limited to, a super soft pet bed, an awesome dog house or designer carrier bag. You’ve earned it too. Happy and healthy pets create positive environments for us at home.


Luxury Pet Accessories

The Princess will now retire for the night.




No. Make It Stop.

Look, our pets deserve all the love we have to give and they will definitely be warm in winter and comfortable all the time, but they’re needs are pretty minimal.  They probably don’t need this diamond collar.

Luxury Pet Accessrories

Yep, this exists. The cost is over $1,000,000


They need to play. They need to sleep. They need to eat, have companionship and feel like they contribute to the family. That is the best luxury our pets can have.

Luxury Pet Accessories

All you need is love.

Finding The Right Outdoor Dog Gear

When we take our dogs to the park to exercise and play we don’t think about what type of outdoor dog gear we need. Out of habit we grab the basics; collar, leash, tennis ball and the ever present found stick. Our dogs enjoy an adventure as much as we do. The trips to the park are incredible fun.

Outdoor Dog Gear


The adventures do not need to stop at our local dog park. Visiting National and State Parks offers us the opportunity to see some of Mother Nature’s best work. Taking advantage of local trails is a benefit to us as pet parents and our dogs. The Bring Fido website has a very detailed listing of hiking trails not just in America but across the world. As much as we would love to bring our dogs everywhere there are laws and regulations that prevent our pets from visiting specific locations. Doing the research in advance prevents disappointment and frustrations and allows us and our dogs the freedom to enjoy the newest adventure.

Now that we know where we can bring our pets let’s find the best types of outdoor dog gear that’s available to ensure are dogs are safe and of course, stylish.



Outdoor Dog Gear

You just got to do it, Chauncey. Don’t hesitate. Just jump. Don’t make me push you.

Are you fluent in nautical or seafaring or lakefaring or riverfaring? Then a flotation device for our dog is essential. Those family holidays at the lake create the memories that we cherish forever. Having our dogs wearing a life jacket ensures safety. We recommend a bright color with a handle. This gives greater visibility and the ability to grab and hold on if such a situation presents itself.

Outdoor Dog Gear

This is my happy face.



Outdoor Dog Gear

All right. I’m going in. *Holds Breath*

While this action above would be the best thing ever, we all know it’s not realistic. As pet parents we need to clean up after our dogs. Poop bags will be required in most if not all open areas. Not only do feces attract wildlife that could potentially put everyone in danger, no one wants to step in it. Disposing of our dog’s waste is a common everyday practice at home and just because we are out in nature, nature may be calling, but it’s calling for us to clean it up.



Outdoor Dog Gear

You really need to see this view.

Much like us pet parents that wear protective and appropriate foot gear while out in nature our pets should receive the same protection. We tuck our pants into our socks to avoid ticks getting to our legs and we wear thick hiking shoes for traction and prevention of thorns or rocks tearing up our feet. Our dogs can encounter the same issues. Thorns or sharp rocks can easily cut into the pads of the paws considerably injuring our pets. Dog booties are a necessary piece of outdoor dog gear to add into the wardrobe.



Outdoor Dog Gear

I’m ridiculously good looking.

The dog pack is a great accessory to add to the pile of outdoor dog gear. This convenient item not only holds on to extra water, snacks, first aid kit or any other knick knacks that come along on your journey. Remember that our dogs can get dehydrated just like us humans and carrying around extra supplies is highly recommended. One accessory that can be carried around in the pack is a collapsible water bowl. It’s very difficult for a dog to drink out of a water bottle and this nifty little thing makes drinking much easier for our pets.  While we will have a backpack of our own, a lot of the dog packs are interchangeable between dogs and humans. Weight restrictions should be adhered to and you’d be satisfied when you see that your dog actually enjoys having a legitimate responsibility on the trail. The bond grows stronger.



21651 Pet Barrier ImageWe can’t forget about transportation when we want to take our dogs outdoors. The Advantek Pet Barrier keeps pets safe and secure in the back of a vehicle or cargo area.  Its universal fit and easy adjustable rods allow for simple assembly.  The Advantek Pet Barrier is constructed of heavy gauge, powder-coated steel wire and is pressure mounted.


Since our pets are part of our family, having the ability to bring them along on any outdoor adventure is comforting and fun. Now, with the right tools and great outdoor dog gear we can have fun.  What are your must haves for outdoor dog gear? Let us know. See you on the trails!

5 Luxury Dog Accessories To Keep Your Best Pal Happy


Okay. Let’s be honest here. We love to pamper our pets as much as if not more than ourselves.  Luxury dog accessories aren’t always available at the local pet store so here are five of the best dog accessories out there and where to find them. defines luxury as a material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity. 



Luxury Dog Accesories

Any dog will probably never get out of this bed.

While our pets are content sleeping on the floor, why not go a huge step forward? This pet bed is courtesy of Scott’s of London. All beds are handcrafted and designed with roll-up cushioned arms for comfort.  We as pet parents will most likely find ourselves getting cozy and snuggling up with our dogs on their bed. A nice twist. No longer will our dogs want to be on our bed but us on theirs.



Luxury Dog Accessories

The Saloon Dog House

This dog house from Advantek is the first to be made out of an attractive, sturdy and high-quality furniture-grade wood. It’s design is a throwback to the Wild West. Tumbleweeds breeze by as your dog impatiently awaits his target: The thrown stick. This dog house fits in any backyard setting old west or not. Click here for additional pictures and information regarding this old west saloon doghouse.



Luxury Dog Accessories

Have you seen my slippers?

Dog bathrobes, like the one above are available from Not only do they have bathrobes as luxury dog accessories but many other items as well, ranging from gluten free snacks to cologne and perfumes. Surf on over and browse. There’s a good chance you’ll find something that you never knew existed and want to have.



Luxury Dog Accessories

I’ll be Back

The sunglasses above are available via  Sunglasses for dogs, a.k.a. doggles, provide our pets protection from harmful UV rays and wind. Those are some of the health and safety benefits to wearing the doggles, and you can feel as though your not just making a positive and adorable fashion statement.



No. That is not a typo.

Luxury Dog Accessories

Don’t be stingy on the Whipped Cream.

The Starbarks chew toy is available from because when we drink our lattes and frappuccinos our dogs should have every right to have their own.  Sip your mocha outside while your dog playfully enjoys theirs. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful morning?

With these five items your pet will be swimming in luxury dog accessories and enjoying life to the fullest. As pet parents we will surely be jealous of our pets.

Luxury Dog Accessories

Lower… Lower… Ahhhhhhh…

How To Find The Right Dog Camping Gear

Help! I want to take my dog camping but I have no idea where to start! Is there dog camping gear? Are there laws and regulations? Is it even a good idea?

Yes, it’s a Great Idea, But Only With the Right Dog Camping Gear.

Our dogs complete our families and there’s every reason to bring them along when we venture out into the beauty of Mother Nature and go camping. Whether you want to get out, hike and be active all over the park or prefer to just read and sit by the campfire drinking cocoa and eating beans there’s many things that need to be considered for the health and safety of our pets.

Dog Camping Gear

Can we stay just one more day?

First and Foremost: Are dogs even allowed in campgrounds? Here’s a website dedicated to listing all pet friendly campgrounds across America.  Click here for pet friendly campgrounds in Canada.  This link gives all the details about pets in The National Parks.

Dog Camping Gear

Dude, we’re in Montana.

To help preserve nature and the safety of our pets there are necessities when going camping with our dogs. The dog camping gear list isn’t exclusive to items only relevant to going to the outdoors; as an example, the leash and collar (license and tags.) These are everyday items for our pets, but it’s best to have a leash with about twenty feet to it. This way it can be attached to a ground stake (also essential) in the campground to allow our dogs some free range.

The Pet Gazebo is a solution for your camping needs. With its convenient tote bag as an accessory it’s easy to bring pets along and this everyday home item turns into a great piece of dog camping gear.

Having our dogs secured while driving to the campground is the safe approach for transportation. Having a harness or a crate for your vehicle is essential. A quick internet search for dog travel crates reveals how many options are available. Adding this to the list of dog camping gear is a must.

Dog Camping Gear

It took forever to find parking for my truck.

Basic items to add to your list of dog camping gear.

Food and Water Dishes.

Poop Bags.



Clothes/Booties.  (See previous blog entry on the should I dress my dog debate.)

First Aid Kit.

Dog Camping Gear

Don’t forget the ointment.

This is a must. While we always think about one for us pet parents, it very well might not be compatible for our pets needs. It’s a much better idea to have one specifically for our four legged family members. We love our dogs and there’s no sense in not being prepared. There are a ton of options out there for Dog First Aid Kits. Click Here for an internet search so you can find one to add to your dog camping gear.

If your family sleeps in separate tents, don’t forget that our dogs need to be out of the elements and safe from predators at the campground.  While a bed may not be required, an adjacent tent so our dogs can have some privacy is an option too.

Dog Camping Gear

If you need me, I’ll be right over here.



When Hiking

Dog Camping Gear

This Moment.

Okay, so you’re the type that wants to venture out and travel the foot paths through nature. Our dogs can be the ultimate companion for the trek.  You should only bring pets that are well trained that listen and are obedient.  Just like we pack water and food for the hike do not forget to include extra for our pets. One option is to have dogs wear their own pack. This item is an option for your dog camping gear list.

Dog Camping Gear

Let’s do this!

The links at the top of the page will provide the information needed to see if pets are even allowed on hiking trails. Clearly a hike like Angels Landing in Zion National Park is not for our pets, but a thrilling hike nonetheless.  Much like us pet parents, we need to build up the strength to do certain hikes. The same applies for our pets. Have the vet conduct a physical to see if the body is able to handle such strenuous activity.  While at the vet it is best to make sure any vaccinations are up to date. Just like us pet parents, our dogs are vulnerable to ticks, poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. The dog booties are an essential item and should be added to your dog camping gear kit.

Have fun out there and be safe!

For more information about products we are currently working on to optimize the camping experience with your dog, follow our Facebook page and check out our website on a regular basis for new updates!

Dog Camping Gear

One mountain down…