We’re Changing Our Name! Well, Our Domain That Is

Changing Our Name

A New Domain, and What it Means


You may call it what you want, “New Year, New You” or “Spring Cleaning” but here at Advantek we are doing our part to tighten our little ship and continue to grow.  Changing our name to Advantek Pet was part of the process to further simplify our identity.  When visiting our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat you’ll see a consistent theme of our name, Advantek Pet.

Changing Our Name

Lots of Long Days


If you have our website bookmarked, don’t worry, you’ll be automatically forwarded to AdvantekPet.com, so quickly you won’t even notice. We’ve been working hard and doing our best to streamline our identity and brand and feel that Pet is much more consistent with who we are as a family. We promise to be cautious during our transition phase as not only is our main website URL changing but so will all of our email addresses.  Everyone will still be able to contact us, so don’t worry, this is more about connecting with you.

Changing Our Name

Me, hard at work transferring data

Our official announcement will come next week while we are attending the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. Will you be attending too? Visit us at booth #1755 and say hi, we’d love to meet you.

It’s a new adventure for the Advantek Family. Care to join us?

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