Does My Neighborhood Allow A Backyard Chicken Coop?

Congratulations! The decision has been made to have your own backyard chicken coop.  While the trend to have a backyard chicken coop is growing, let’s make sure that even after some research has been conducted that we touch on a few more pros and cons.



But Why? Don’t they poop everywhere?

Yes they do. They Poop. Everywhere. But this is a Pro.

Chicken poop is full of nitrogen. If your backyard chicken coop is for the hens to sleep in and the whole yard allows for the chickens to be free range, then when the chickens do their business the lush ingredient makes for wonderful fertilizer.  The lawn will be a fuller green and foliage around the yard will grow stronger.

Now, if there’s a patio or a Pet Gazebo in the backyard, be warned that they’re both destined for poop coverage. Also, allowing the free range practice of chickens in the yard they become one of the best pest controllers out there. Imagine never finding a spider in the backyard again. Do you suffer from arachnophobia?

Backyard Chicken Coops Spiders.

It’s Just a spider, Jarred.                                                          I’m not going to apologize, Carl.

If you do fear spiders, then you can count on your chickens pecking away and eating them.  From centipedes, snails, ticks, flies and anything else one may consider a pest, they will prowl and be on foot patrol all hours. Chickens also have a taste for scorpions. This allows for the fear of dark corners and what’s possibly in your shoes to be lessened.

Backyard chicken coops

Don’t have bad mojo.

Then they’ll eat more, poop even more and scratch the fowl feces into the lawn. Seriously, it’s all good stuff.  Just make sure you clean your shoes before going back into the house.  Poop prints on the floor isn’t the most desirable.

Seriously Though, Chickens are hilarious!

Backyard Chicken Coop

They call me Frank

They will most likely associate their owners with food and come running across the yard in anticipation of the eats. Remember that this is not attack mode. A chicken running to you at full speed may induce fear, but they just want to be loved, and fed, a lot.  Plus, the care for them is pretty basic. All chickens really need are food, water and a little exercise.

Backyard Chicken Coop

The blue brings out your eyes, Stefan.


Chances are if you’re about to get a backyard chicken coop you aren’t vegan and enjoy eating eggs.  There are many great benefits to eating eggs. This link provides in depth information about the nutrition gained from eating an egg. The control of what food is provided to the chickens is obviously up to the owners, but remember whatever they are fed will go directly into their eggs. So if they get the left over veggies from the house that circulates back to us, that’s a secret way to get additional nutrients. Fresh eggs have a thicker egg white and the yolk is more vibrantly orange. Having three to four hens should provide a small family with enough eggs to go around.



But Why? Don’t they poop everywhere?

Yes they do. They Poop. Everywhere. This is a Pro Con.

It is stated above that it is a pro, but let’s face it. It’s poop. A lot of poop.

Backyard Chicken Coop

Let’s have fun with poop!

They’re also terrible drivers.

Backyard Chicken Coop

Is my blind spot clear, Felicia?

There really ins’t a ton of downsides to getting your own backyard chicken coop. Of all the research that was conducted for this entry, the majority of cons was about cleanup, noise and the fact that the backyard essentially becomes the chickens home (if free range) and lost is other backyard activities, like house party barbecues.  Clearly there’s always sacrifices that need to be made when taking on chickens.  Knowing this information upfront always clarifies the decision. Care needs to be taken to ensure the safety of your new chicken family. Predators are a risk that need to be addressed, especially if you have a dog. The biggest threat may be your own.

Don’t think those that live in urban areas are out of the woods.  This article from National Geographic regarding coyotes living in Downtown Chicago is a fascinating read. Don’t think that only rural areas are threatened by predators.

Now after discussing some of the pros and cons about having a backyard chicken coop let’s get back to the title of the article, “Does my neighborhood allow a backyard chicken coop?” One quick internet search gave all the information that we need to find out if we in fact can have a backyard chicken coop in the neighborhood. This website was the most specific to almost every county and town that was found. It even offers interesting facts like, there’s a town in Wyoming that doesn’t allow a backyard chicken coop but does allow a person to keep a maximum of twelve pigeons as pets.

Backyard Chicken Coop

The Pigeon Pageant

Good luck! And we hope chickens are legal in your neighborhood. Enjoy the fresh eggs, hilarity, poop and pest protection!

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