Who We Are

Advantek was born over a decade ago and quickly became a world leader in the humane catch and release trap category.This success led towards an increased focus on other animal containment solutions. Within just a few years, we had created the most innovative modular kennel systems available today, including the award-winning and popular Pet Gazebo line. With the addition of the environmentally friendly Gone Green line of chicken, rabbit and bird sanctuaries; Advantek remains an industry leader in the pet specialty market.

We constantly strive for innovation in all areas of our business from the products we sell, to the ways we help our customers merchandize them. We continue to refine all of our products while staying true to our mission. We provide better, environmentally conscious solutions for the animal’s care and comfort, whether that’s through products that keep captured wild animals calm and secure until they can be released or by keeping your pet happy and safe in the backyard. Our focus at Advantek is to be-

Better. Simply.

Mission Statement

"Hard work and creative thinking lead to a profitable and rewarding experience for both professional and personal growth."


We are a proactive company providing innovative products, unique marketing formats, profitable promotional events and solutions for our customers.

We believe that “THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT.” If we don’t delight our customers and exceed expectations today our competition will.

Our Advantek Team

We search for team members who value accountability, customer focus, team work and personal integrity. Respect and strong communication skills, at all levels, are the keys to our team’s success. Contact Us Today!