Pet Halloween Costumes Part 2: No, You Shouldn’t

It’s so disheartening isn’t it?  Your adorable furry family members + Pet Halloween Costumes = pure shame.

Pet Halloween Costumes:

No, We Should Never Dress Up Our Pets


To some human eyes, the spectacle of dogs in clothes is appalling. “Let them be dogs,” is the common refrain. “They’re not substitute children.”

The above quote is from Woofipedia.


Pet Halloween Costumes

Take this thing off my head, or else…

***This will be Part 2 in a Two Part Blog where we discuss the pros and cons of dressing up our pets for Halloween. This post will not be about why we should or the positive implications of doing so. This is solely about why Pet Halloween Costumes and dressing them up is shameful and not a good idea. ***

That urge may take you over this October, your pets are part of your family and you will want them included in the festivities. You’re not alone. According to NRF, Halloween is big business.  We can verify this easily by driving down the street, can’t we? An estimated $8.4 billion will be spent this year (2016) celebrating Halloween. Of that $8.4 billion, $350 million will be spent on Pet Halloween Costumes.  So, the idea of Pet Halloween Costumes will never go away with such profit to be had, but some things need to be considered.

Our Pets Look Embarrassed

Pet Halloween Costumes

Please take it off

We all know that look of guilt our pets possess. When they get into the garbage or eat an entire case of gum. They know they’ve been bad and are ashamed when we get home. The sense of shame translates very well when they are dressed up in ridiculous clothing. Think about how they feel…

From “It’s probably humiliating. Since you don’t know what your dog is feeling and he can’t tell you, it’s quite possible he’s shamed and embarrassed in a costume. Imagine you arrive at work one morning and you’re met at the door by the boss. To your shock and dismay, you’re forced out of your clothes right down to your underwear, and told you’ll be spending the day in your skivvies. You’re mortified, and all day long co-workers pass by your desk, laugh and take pictures of you to email and post on Facebook.”

They Look Ridiculous


From Chickens…

Pet Halloween Costumes

Courtesy of creatorup

To Cats…

Pet Halloween Costumes

I hate you…

Pet Halloween Costumes

You’re dead to me…

To Dogs…

Pet Halloween Costumes

Why do you do this to me?

And Bunnies…

Pet Halloween Costumes

I’m sad

Maybe it was creative enough to get a few laughs, but that isn’t the main reason we’ve adopted our furry family members is it? It was to grow the family, accent it, because…

Our Pets Aren’t Humans

This is a great article emphasizing about why we shouldn’t; some of the finer points include, “Unlike an adult human, or even a child, your dog can’t tell you with words how he feels about being dressed up. But it’s a sure bet if he’s trying like crazy to get those tuxedo trousers off, he doesn’t like them. He may be itchy and overheating. It may feel confining. It may even be terrifying.” And, “It’s unnatural. Your dog has her own wardrobe – it’s called fur. It’s a good bet she’s not interested in fashion, even if you are. If your pet likes being naked, you should respect that. Also, adult dogs who weren’t dressed up as puppies will rarely find the experience enjoyable, so you should respect that as well.”

What are your feelings about Pets and Halloween? Share your thoughts with us.



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