Pet Halloween Safety Tips: Keeping Your Pets Safe

To continue in the theme of Halloween, because, well, it is a week away… we here at Advantek always keep the safety and care of our furry friends in mind at all times. There’s humor and seriousness in most of our posts but at the root of what we’re about is the health and safety of all animals.  We are providing some Pet Halloween Safety Tips for you to consider this year and every October 31st. A lot of fun is to be experienced , but please watch out for some of the obvious warnings and some of the not so obvious ones.

We already covered some safety hazards in the dressing your pet up for Halloween posts; Yes, You Should Dress Up Your Pets and No, You Shouldn’t Dress Up Your Pets.

Pet Halloween Safety Tips #1

Halloween Candy

You pets should not eat or ingest any Halloween candy. Don’t let children feed any of your furry family members candy either. Blocking any and all access to the sweet treats is the best defense. Chocolate or xylitol (common sugar substitute) are the big ones that need to be avoided. Keep the trick or treat candy out of paw reach and avoid having little ones leaving their plastic pumpkins full of sugary sweets on the floor. Ensure all wrappers and left over bites are secured in the trash to avoid curious noses leading them to the candy.

Pet Halloween Safety Tips

Treats Please

Pet Halloween Safety Tips #2


While pranks do happen on a semi-regular basis, Halloween brings out a lot of the jokesters that will toilet paper trees or leave a bag of pet poop on a porch and light it on fire or just find a way to really try and scare people. Our pets are not immune to pranksters.  If your furry family members are out in the open, whether or not they are on a leash or just gated in the yard, on this night they will be more susceptible to being chased or the victim of people running amok through the neighborhood doing what they feel is hilarious. Be aware that this may occur and properly look after your pets to avoid them being stressed, overly frightened or permanently emotionally scarred. This leads us to the next point…

Pet Halloween Safety Tips #3


Pet Halloween Safety Tips

Every pet is different, we know this to be true,  and however, the activity level in a given household on Halloween can make our furry family members, overly excited, frightened, confused and or curious. The door will be constantly opening and closing; kids will be screaming for candy and dressed up in unfamiliar clothing. With our pets being very territorial, this will be a stressful and confusing evening for them. It’s best to keep them away from the door and contained within a safe place somewhere is the house away from all this activity, especially if your pet’s instinct is to bite due to fear of strangers.

Pet Halloween Safety Tips #4


On the chance your furry family members are exposed to the Halloween evening, whether by trick or treating or out in the yard, ensure your pet is properly identified, by collar and tag or microchip. Always play the better safe than sorry card here.  Too many things can happen and let’s be protected. Be aware if your pets are not contained with the door opening frequently and our little guys sneaking out while we are distracted.

Pet Halloween Safety Tips #5

Lit Candles

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Candles definitely add to the atmosphere of Halloween and with curious noses sniffing around they can be dangerous too.  Not only would we worry about the candles tipping over and starting a fire, but our furry family members can get burned. That is not the Halloween memories we are after.

Have any safety tips for us?



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