Pet Preparation for Emergencies and Disasters

In the event of an emergency, you probably have a kit ready with the essentials – water, non-perishable food, money, and other important items packed in a bag you can quickly grab to sustain you during an emergency. How prepared are you to protect your pet in emergencies though? Advantek Pet is going to breakdown the items you need to keep in your emergency kit to keep your furry friends safe and comfortable.


Animal Essentials and Identification

Gather enough food, water, and snacks for your pet to make sure they are well-fed and taken care of if you have to evacuate in a hurry. You should also ensure they are always wearing their collar to have a form of identification and have any immunization records on hand. Make sure to also pack their leash or any other special items you regularly use.


Rescue Alert Stickers

When you place a rescue alert sticker on your window or front door, you are notifying rescue workers that there are animals in your home. You can note what types of animals you have along with how many. Sometimes disasters and emergencies occur so quickly that it is crucial to be prepared in every way possible. Place the sticker in a highly visible area near the front of your home so it is easily seen.


A Safe Place for Your Pet

Part of your emergency kit should include your PET GAZEBO® to keep your pet safe and out of harm’s way wherever you decide to go. Are you going to be spending some time at a family or friend’s house? If they have other animals or don’t have a lot of space for your pet, your portable pet kennel is a safe place for them. The same holds true for pet-friendly hotels. If your entire family is staying in a hotel, it can easily get crowded in the room. Your PET GAZEBO® keeps your pet in one space where you can easily feed and comfort them. It is also easy to grab and take anywhere with the durable nylon tote bag.

Also make sure to have enough comfortable bedding or blankets for them. Disasters that are a product of inclement weather can leave your pet feeling cold, especially when their fur is not adequate enough at keeping them warm. Emergencies and disasters can easily make your pet feel on edge or worried. You want to create a safe space for them that does not contribute to the hectic and unstable nature of an emergency situation.


Emergency Contacts

Have a list of emergency contacts on hand in case your pet needs medical attention. Where are the nearest vets? What is your veterinarian’s phone number? Do you know friends or family members who could take care of your pet if you cannot find a pet-friendly hotel? Knowing this information ahead of time can make an emergency situation much easier on everyone, including your animal.

A little preparation can go a long way. Advantek Pet’s PET GAZEBO® is light-weight and easy to assemble. Get yours today and add it to your pet’s emergency kit! Are you interested in carrying Advantek Pet’s products in your store? We want to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more.

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