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The Stilt House

If you are looking for a stately way to house your furry friends then look no further!. The Stilt House comfortably fits two average sized rabbits. With a pull out tray to make cleaning easy and multiple access points to gain entry to feed our rabbits, this is the convenient solution. The Stilt House has a ramp that allows access to the lower run portion and the living area upstairs.

Pictured: Large size in yellow.

Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Advantek Rabbit Hutches

The eco friendly way to house your rabbits

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The Pagoda

The Pagoda is a spacious, multi-level rabbit hutch that gives your bunnies plenty of space to roam and play. An attractive addition to the yard, The Pagoda comes with a metal pull out tray for easy cleaning and a door to separate the first and second floors that adds extra security. Multiple doors and access points allow pet parents to care for their rabbits without the chance of escape.


The Stilt House

Give your furry friend a comfortable living space in the Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch. Our most popular rabbit hutch includes an indoor nesting box, a pull-out tray for easy cleaning, and access to an outdoor run. Soon to be available in large and yellow (pictured) as well as original small and auburn.

The Stilt House

The Row House

Give your furry friend a comfortable living space in the Advantek Row House rabbit hutch perfect for 2-3 rabbits. This unique dual-level home will give your rabbits everything they need to live a fun and safe life outdoors. T

The Row House