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Keeping Chickens Cool During The Summer

Keeping Chickens Cool is not a terribly difficult process but one that needs to be in place to help facilitate the care of our pet chickens during the hottest months.  Almost every type of climate if affected by this; while the south will see warmer months more frequently than the north, spikes in temperatures occur most everywhere, so please be cautious and aware to keep our chickens safe.

Keeping Chickens Cool

I stay cool by looking this good.






While proper ventilation should be built into the chicken coop that you own, finding ways to add additional air flow is key to keeping chickens cool as the weather heats up.  This includes adding a fan inside of the coop–that isn’t always a viable option depending on the size of the coop, but if a workaround can be done, go for it. The usual warning applies here in regards to live wire or cords that chickens could get injured on.  To assist in cooler temps inside, ensure that there’s only a thin layer of shavings on the ground. This will act as an insulator and keep the coop warmer.

Freeze It

On those extreme hot days where we open up the freezer door and just stand there letting the cold air envelop us, think of that kind of cold relief for your chickens too.  One of the best ways of keeping chickens cool is to put ice in their water. Keeping their H2O fresh and clean is a no-brainer task and adding ice to the bowl helps keep the water cool as your chickens drink it up. It also helps maintain proper body temperature of the chickens.

Be careful of the choice in feed for those really hot days. Certain foods take longer to digest which in turn creates additional body heat. Put some berries into the freezer and share them with your chickens. Raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are ideal for a frozen treat. melons work great too. Cut one in half and freeze it and let your chickens pick out of the melon bowl will go a long way in keeping your chickens cool. Here’s a link for a quick read on what to not feed your chickens.


Keeping chickens out of direct sunlight is the obvious answer to the shade situation, but there are many small ways that shade can be offered and it will make a huge difference. Having a roof over your chicken coop is smart for many reasons, but the sun is sneaky and can find ways to shine right upon the chickens. If you use Advantek’s Medium Gazebo,   

Keeping Chickens Cool

the inclusion of the Sun Shade makes a huge difference blocking that direct sunlight. 

 Keeping Chickens Cool

Any additional shade could be the difference between healthy and unhealthy chickens. 


A lot of these practices translate from how we would take care of ourselves during the hottest of days.  Avoid allowing chickens to exert themselves too much and ensure that they aren’t huddled together. Giving them proper space in the shade to remain cool is key. Keep their dust bath area nice and shaded too. The cooler earth will feel good as they bathe and wait out the hottest hours of the day. 

Chickens are easily stressed animals and it’s our job to take care of them. Much like we keep them and ourselves warm in the winter we need to ensure we keep them cool in the summer.  What ideas do you have? Share them below.



Chickens 101: Your Introduction to Backyard Chicken Coops

Backyard “chickening” is a trend which has taken the world by storm. Those living in an urban or suburban lifestyle are able and excited to have a small taste of farm life right in their backyard. Besides being really fun pets, backyard chickens provide many benefits including fresh eggs (mmm, imagine a spinach omelet straight from your backyard!), fertilizers, meat, and slug control. If you’re looking to add some chickens into your life, your first step is finding the perfect chicken coop for your backyard. Here are some tips to consider  when deciding between backyard chicken coops.

Getting Started with Chickens

Getting started with chickens can be a fun and exciting experience. Before getting your backyard chickens, you’ll need to address a few things:

  • Check your local ordinances and code regulations to make sure you are legally allowed to own chickens in your area. Some places limit the number of chickens and may require permits for a coop.
  • Ask your neighbors how they feel about having some chickens living next door. Even if you’re only planning on owning hens, chickens do make noise and some people aren’t too fond of that!
  • Depending on your reasons for owning chickens, you’ll want to read up on the different aspects of having them. For example, if you want pet chickens, you may have to take them to the vet once in a while. It’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of chicken illnesses so you can identify them when you see them.
  • Pick out the perfect spot in your backyard for your new companions. You’ll also want to figure out how many chickens you want and what type of coop will work best for them. This is the fun part!

Choosing Your Perfect Backyard Chicken Coops


Image via Tractor Supply (http://ow.ly/Psw96)

When choosing the perfect backyard chicken coop, there’s a few things you’ll need you consider:

Functionality: You’ll want to find backyard chicken coops with enough room for your chickens. Ideally, every hen should have around 2-4 square feet of space. Additionally, you’ll need at least one nesting box for every 3-4 hens to lay their eggs. Roosting bars are also crucial to allow your chickens to perch.

Design: For some people more than others, the look of the coop is very important to match the overall theme of your home. There are some great inspirations here and here. Glance over these to learn what your chicken coop taste may be!

The Run: Having a run for your chickens will allow them space to move around, go digging for worms, and stretch out their wings. Depending on your budget and allocated space, this is an important piece to consider for all backyard chicken coops. Free-range is also an option, but beware the potential dangers of predators.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks from people who own chickens!

From Farmer Liz:

Coop placement is important (shade in the Summer, dry location in rainy climates). Don’t plan on just getting a few…it’s an addiction. There will always be more. Make sure the coop and run are predator proof. Research the different breeds as some do better in the heat, some do better in the cold, some lay more eggs than others, some are more inclined to brood and some are more or less friendly than others.

From Chris Anderson:

I’m still fairly new to keeping chickens but I can give you some frustrations and tips I’ve been given. I have lots of fruits and veggies growing in the yard and I am constantly trying to keep the chickens from eating everything when I let them out of the coop. I’ve learned that if you free range them, feed them heavily just before letting them out. Chickens can’t over eat so if they are full they stay out of your goodies.


If you’re looking for the backyard chicken coop of your dreams, make sure to check out Advantek’s line of chicken coops, available online and at hundreds of pet retailers throughout the country!