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Asphalt Awareness during Summer Heat Waves

Dog's paws on asphalt.

Do you live in a state like sunny Southern California where Advantek Pet’s headquarters are housed? If you do, then you are probably doing everything you can to keep you and your pets cool this summer. Advantek Pet wants to make pet owners aware of asphalt conditions during summer heat waves and what you can do to keep your pets safe. Continue reading

Turn your Pet Gazebo into an awesome dog house

The Pet Gazebo is already an awesome all weather animal shelter and designed as kennel rather than a dog house, but if you find yourself absolutely loving your Pet Gazebo, but wanting to make it even more versatile than it already is then here are three tricks to help you turn your Pet Gazebo into an awesome dog house.


Adding blankets and Tarps to protect your pet


The Pet Gazebo is designed to be a kennel that allows for total visibility of the pet inside keeping you and it in sight at all times. This helps prevent some separation anxiety since the pet and their pet parent are visible. But if you intend to keep you pet child outside for some of the stormier months then you will need to construct “walls” to protect your pet from the elements. How to protect your pet will vary on your needs. Do you live in a very rainy climate? Then covering the wall panels with tarps or blankets might be your best bet. This will protect your pet from the water that comes streaming out of the sky. The roof does a great job protecting the animals from the water directly over head, but the sides need to prevent any sideways rain there might be. Of course when the rain hits the ground it doesn’t immediately evaporate (unless you are in Las Vegas), so to prevent water from pooling underneath your pup you might need a little platform to for them to sleep on so they, and their beds, don’t get soaked. If you live in an extremely windy area then putting up what amounts to ship sails might not be a great idea, but of course you can (and probably should, anyway) stake your Pet Gazebo to the ground.  Now, if you live in an area where frequent rain, wind, tornadoes, flying monkeys and typhoons exist then…I suggest you find a new place to live. That place sounds crazy and that is no sort of environment to put your pet in.


Putting a dog house in the Pet Gazebo

This might seem like an odd idea at first but in practice it is much more practical than you might expect and is certainly the least amount of work. The things you need to consider here are your pet’s size and needs. If the Original Pet Gazebo is too small to fit your dog house in then you may want to look at up-sizing to the Pavilion. The dog house inside a Pet Gazebo solves both of the issues mentioned in the first method. The walls are provided for you as is a raised living area to keep your pet from getting wet from the water that has already reached the ground. The major plus to this idea is that your pet gets, basically, its own home and a property line like yours. Depending on placement of the dog house your pet will have a nice little back and front yard.  Can’t you just imagine your pet strolling out of the house in the morning, with a bathrobe on, cup of coffee in hand, to pick up the morning paper and give you a polite wave before heading back in? But if you have the space…


Attaching the Pet Gazebo to make the most awesome dog house

This is probably the best option. If your pet can enter and exit through the Pet Gazebo then you are giving your pet a fully sheltered area to sleep while also allowing room to roam in the Pet Gazebo. Of course, you might have to build a little bit of a transition area to ensure your pet can go from the Pet Gazebo to the dog house without leaving too much of an open space for them to escape out of. If you were to attach more than one Pet Gazebo then your puppy would really have a luxurious and awesome dog house with plenty of space to call their own. This is essentially a dog house with a dog run, and it is guaranteed to make you furry friend happy. The only downside to this is that you might become jealous of your pet’s new living space and you may want to upgrade to a Pet Gazebo yourself! We would be lying if we said hadn’t thought about it…

10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet


Let’s face it, we love to pamper our pets. We comment and joke about how our dogs live better than we do, but in reality we like to live vicariously through our pup’s pampered lives. Sometimes that isn’t always the case and we like to imagine our pets as mini versions of ourselves.


 1. Just ask Paris Hilton…

…She had a replica of her house built for her dogs complete with light fixtures and designer pillows. This might actually be one of the only dog houses that won’t make the pet parent jealous-as it is basically the same house that the pet parent owns. (source)Paris Hilton's Dog house will make ANYONE jealous, 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet


2. City Living

OK, so now that I have already made my list null and void, let’s continue on shall we? If your pooch is looking for something a little more along the lines of city living then look no further than this DIY Brooklyn Brownstone made by artist Bruce Tunis. This two story brownstone comes complete with working street light and of course the stoop that makes this style home so distinctive. (source)Brooklyn Brownstone Dog House will Make you jealous of your pet, 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet

3. Mediterranean Mansion

If the close quarters of an urban brownstone town-home aren’t really your style then this Mediterranean mansion should do the trick. This bad boy will cost you a pretty penny and was apparently designed for a Hollywood celebrity. Who is that celeb? No clue, but we can probably rule out Paris Hilton as her pooch palace is featured above. (source)Mediterranean mansion dog house will make you jealous of your pet. 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet

4. Crown Jewel

Speaking of palaces; how about a palace inspired dog house? Hmm-any palaces immediately come to mind? Of course, obviously the Taj Mahal! The “crown of palaces” (thank you Wikipedia) inspired doghouse is a marvel of Mughal architecture and can be had for a measly $40,000.00. If this home doesn’t make you jealous then I don’t know what will. (source)Taj Mahal dog house will make you jealous of your pet. 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet

5. Brick Colonial Manor

Not really into the exotic curves of the domed Taj Mahal? Looking for something a little more stately? Then check out this brick, colonial styled and fully loaded dog house! The amenities offered include: air conditioning, running water, heat and lighting! Stately and stylish. (source)This brick Colonial inspired mansion will make you jelaous of your pet. 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet

6.Cute Cottage

Looking for something equally attractive but a little more understated? Check out Advantek’s Garden Cottage dog house. This adorable dog house comes with a garden box, vented window, food and toy storage box, as well as a set of bowls for food and water. And yes, the tiny adorable porch is included. (source)This cute Garden Cottage from Advantek will make you jealous of your pet. 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet

7. As fun as a Barrel full of dog

Want something even more understated than a cottage? Do you like your barkers barrel aged? Then you are in luck! This DIY dog house is the perfect way to add some homey warmth to your household and it comes with the added bonus of being able to brag to your friends that you drank that barrel empty yourself! (source)This DIY barrel dog house will make you jealous of your pet's drinking prowess. 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet

8. Thatch is how you do it

You like the cottage idea but want something that more closely resembles your favorite author and playwright’s home from the 16th century? The Shakespearean, Stratford-Upon-Avon inspired dog house actually more closely resembles the farmhouse of Shakespeare’s wife Anne Hathaway (no, not the award winning actress from Les Misérables). Anyway, be sure to dress up your pup in the poofy white collar thing to keep the wardrobe time period appropriate. (source)This thatch roof dog house will make you jealous of your pet. 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet

9. Regal Beagle

So, you like the English styling, but want something a little more regal? Then you should see this Queen Anne style dog house. The house borders on ostentatious but the colors, unlike the actual Queen Anne style homes, which are generally bright red with dark trimmings, are much more muted, but include a stunning turret roof which is a real eye catcher and typifies homes of the era. Not included: blurry dog. (source)THis Austrlian Queen Anne inspired dog mansion will make you jealous of your pet. 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet

10. The Wright Dog House For you

Now this one is really cool. This Frank Lloyd Wright designed dog home is guaranteed to make you jealous of your pet, because chances are you don’t live in a home designed by the man who the American Institute of Architects dubbed as “the greatest American architect of all time.” The dog house might not look like much on its own, but the story and history makes this one undeniably jealousy inspiring. (source)This Frank Lloyd Wright designed dog house will make you jealous of your pet. 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet

11. Bonus!

Speaking of famous architects…(source)A Frank Gehry dog house would definitely make jealous of your pet. 10 Cool Dog Houses that Will Make You Jealous of your Pet