The Emergence of Stylish and Modern Pet Containment

Dog getting pampered.

There is more to taking care of your pet than buying the right food and making regular trips to the vet. Pet containment is a crucial part of keeping your pet safe indoors and outdoors. How do you securely and stylishly keep your pet in one space? Advantek Pet discusses the emergence of modern pet containment that provides safety, comfort, and peace for your pets.

Safety First

Locking your pet in a room or tying their leash to a tree outdoors are not safe ways to contain your pets. It is important to effectively communicate with your pet, as your top priority is their well-being. The PET GAZEBO® stands tall with designer or reversible, heat-resistant canopies that protect animals from the sun and rain. There is also a spacious entrance for your pet and a drop-down window, giving your pet easy access to food, water, and some head scratches for being good.

Strength and Style

The PET GAZEBO® is durable. It protects your pet from the elements and contain even the strongest breeds. Replacement parts also keep your gazebo strong over time. The design is simple and more unique than ordinary crates, kennels, and exercise pens. As responsible pet owners, it is our job to find the best containment solutions for our pets. It can be difficult to find something functional and fashionable. The canopy covers allow you to pick the most stylish option for your pet, adding some flair and character.

Catering to Any Pet, Anywhere

Is your dog a diva? Does your cat belong on the catwalk? The PET GAZEBO® caters to any pet that needs safe and stylish containment. Your pet can relax and have fun in a space that fits their personality whether indoor, outdoor, or on the go. Enjoy the fresh air at the park with your pet or plan a beach day with your portable gazebo. The PET GAZEBO® is designed for easy transport and setup.

New Trends

Function and safety continue to be top-selling features for crates and kennels, but style is also emerging as a new trend. Pet parents want something that works well for their animals and has aesthetic qualities. Even though pet owners have a wider selection to choose from, not all options offer the same flexibility as the PET GAZEBO®.

Most containment options include pet gates to place between walls and rooms. Unfortunately, these options create limits for pet parents. Pet gates can only be used indoors, forcing owners to find two separate indoor and outdoor solutions. Other crates, kennels, and exercise pens do not provide the same shade for pets, as they are typically structured without a roof or canopy that provides shade. The PET GAZEBO® is a trendy, practical solution for indoor and outdoor purposes. Instead of blocking off a large portion of your home to your pet, you can create their own corner to make them feel special!

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