Tips for Taking Care of Your Pet After Surgery

When our furry friends need surgery or procedures performed, it can be a sad and confusing time for them, especially if they are forced to wear a cone until they are completely healed. How can you know the best way to take care of your pet when they are trying to recover? Advantek Pet gives you our best tips for taking care of your pet post-surgery.

Be Ready in an Emergency

Your pet’s well-being is important. It can be difficult to know the right solution when you are concerned for their health and need answers immediately. Have your veterinarian or 24-hour emergency center’s phone numbers on hand in case you need to reach a professional. Veterinarians understand how much you love your animal and they are available to help you. Don’t feel as if you are bothering them when it comes to your pet’s health and healing. Take the necessary steps to ensure you are prepared if your pet needs immediate attention. 

Pay Attention to Instructions

When your pet is released after surgery, pay close attention to the instructions the staff will review with you. Ask them plenty of questions to ensure you can give your pet the best care as they recover from their procedure. How long do they need to be confined for? How often do you have to replace bandages, if any? When do you need to schedule a follow up appointment? Do you have all the proper medications? Ask these questions and more when you receive instructions for your pet’s post-op care. There is not one set of answers for each pet’s recovery, as each case will vary based on their specific treatment.

Keeping your Pet Clean

Most animals’ first instinct is to groom themselves when there is a wound on their body that needs attention. Though the cone is supposed to prevent this, make sure to keep an eye on the affected area. If it starts to become dirty or needs some attention, most vets recommend using a towel and warm water to clean the area. Using alcohol or peroxide can cause your pet pain and may slow down the healing process.

A Speedy Recovery

According to petMD, one of the best ways to speed up the recovery process is by “confining your pet after surgery.” How can you make sure your pet stays in one place without making them feel claustrophobic? The PET GAZEBO® keeps your pet in a confined, but spacious area to help them heal quickly and comfortably. You can move the PET GAZEBO® to other rooms inside your house, fill it with blankets, and make sure your pet has food and water close to them. Your pet can heal in peace without wandering throughout the house and accidentally harming the affected area.

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