Why Buy Luxury Dog Supplies?

Put that credit card away and don’t be tempted to seek out your emergency one either. After you see some of these luxury dog supplies the urge to spend and pamper your pets will be greatly increased. To be honest, if spoiling our pets is wrong, well you know how the saying goes. Now socks with holes in them and flat tennis balls are not good enough toys. Nor are old towels for them to sleep on; the best and only the best for our furry family members.

Luxury Dog Supplies

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Gluten Free dog treats? Cashmere bedding? Gold rimmed food and water dishes? Yes. All of these luxury dog supplies exist to make you dig deep into your pockets for the high society lifestyle your dog absolutely deserves.

Luxury Dog Supplies:

For only $6900 this Royal Cabana Luxury Dog Bed can be yours. Click Here to visit the website.
Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of The Posh Puppy Boutique

From the product description, “This item is made to order. It has a beautiful chocolate glass inlaid band at the base. Inside is a plush round reversible designer pet bed with one side in pelted faux brown sable mink fur and the other side in a brown and gold velvet brocade fabric.” Visit the website for the full description.

If you’re going to spoil you dog, go big or go home. This stylish house will be the talk of the neighborhood making all other dogs around town incredibly jealous.

Less expensive than the Luxury Dog Bed, but equally elegant is this $500 bottle of perfume.
Luxury Dog Supplies

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Named, Pooch De Noel Eau De Parfum, their website describes it as “These light, elegant fragrances are enhanced with two of the finest conditioners for the dog’s coat and packaged in beautiful crystal glass bottles and come in beautiful boxes making them wonderful gifts for the most pampered Pooch. From lively fresh notes for the male dog to lovely white florals for female dogs, there is a scent for all breeds for all seasons.”

When you bring your dog as your date on the red carpet or any other formal event, a spritz or two of perfume compliments any formal attire. As far as luxury dog supplies go, this is a definite go to.

After that black tie event or just to get ready for it, don’t forget to have your dog bathe in their very own shower.
Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of Erin Carroll Homes

With the difficulty of using the kitchen sink or that plastic kiddie pool in the backyard, the convenience of your dog having their own shower doesn’t just benefit the pet parent but the pet itself. Think of the array of luxury dog supplies that you can pair with their very owner shower. Bathrobes are available, as are chemical free body washes and designer inscribed towels.

Meanwhile, back at The Posh Puppy Boutique, this dog bed can be yours for $5998.00.

Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of The Posh Puppy Boutique

Don’t forget our dogs need a place to store all of their luxury dog supplies. Over at puppylovecouture.com this elegant armoire set is the luxurious of the luxury.
Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of puppylovecouture.com

As described on their website, “This suite is beautifully hand crafted in solid wood; all architectural details are drenched in Swarovski crystal and are embellished with semi-precious stones. All the bedding is made of ultra-plush designer fabrics. Attention to every detail is unmatched in the industry.”

Items are all made to order and can be yours for $12,999.

The last item we’ll mention is the Doggy High Chair courtesy of bedzine.com.

Luxury Dog Supplies

Courtesy of bedzine.com

As our dogs complete our families sharing the dinner table makes sense.  This doggy high chair retails for $900.

Have we tempted you yet with our luxury dog supplies ideas? I’m sure we have.  Let us know what luxury items you would buy. All of our family members deserve the best treatment possible and with these luxury dog supplies we are pampering our dogs to the fullest and we love it.

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