Why Cats Love Our Dog Products

At Advantek Pet, we love animals. That’s why we designed our PET GAZEBO® with practicality and comfort in mind to benefit not just dogs, but cats as well. Advantek Pet has noticed an increased interest in our PET GAZEBO® for their cats. Our Facebook page has shown us that more and more people are interested in our dog products for their cats. In today’s blog, we talk about why cats love our dog products and we even have some customer photos to share!


Why Cats Love the PET GAZEBO®


The PET GAZEBO® gives your cat plenty of space to play and enjoy the outdoors. If your cat is an indoor animal, it doesn’t mean they should be barred from the outdoors to get some fresh air. The PET GAZEBO® gives you peace of mind when your pet spends time outdoors because you do not have to worry about them running off or getting harmed by other animals that could enter your yard. It’s also a stylish addition to your backyard that can complement your pet’s personality with our selection of canopy colors. Create a permanent space outdoors for your cat or set it up temporarily when you want to take your feline friend on the go!


Keeping your Kitties Safe


We all know cats can get curious and explore. The PET GAZEBO® allows them to enjoy their own space without making them feel confined. In fact, we know of some customers who have created their own custom “catio” – a patio for cats! Because you can connect multiple PET GAZEBO®s, this gives you the opportunity to create a fun and safe play area for your cat.


Testimonials from PET GAZEBO® Lovers


Thanks to MizzScribe for leaving an Amazon review and showing us how she turned her PET GAZEBO® into a trending catio! Take a look at the custom concrete pad and the bunk bed made out of laundry baskets:


Take a gander at Linda’s play area for her cats! She connected three PET GAZEBO®s to create an awesome space for her cats.

 “My cats totally enjoy the PET GAZEBO®s and I absolutely love them. I would certainly recommend them to everyone!” – Linda St. Jean


Our other customers have also offered their kind words about our products and services below:


“Our cats love this pavilion. Thanks for making such a great kennel and offering excellent customer service too!” – Darlene McBryan


“Love, love, love this product! My cat stays in it for hours enjoying the outdoors and the wildlife in my backyard without harming any of them. I also know that he is safe inside from predators that may venture into my yard. Thank you for providing such a great product!” – Guynn Anderson


Do you get creative with your PET GAZEBO®? Advantek Pet wants to see! Post your photos to our Facebook page so we can see how happy your adorable pets are.


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  1. Barbara

    What are the dimensions of the openings of the walls of the gazebo? I. Thinking unless it’s 2″x2″ squares my cat might be able to squeeze thru, and thus it would not be safe to leave him in it. If there are openings near the roof, that might also be a place he could manage to exit.

    1. Jennifer Spice

      Hi Barbara, Please contact our customer service department at 800-664-4939 and they will be happy to assist with the exact dimensions and answer your specific questions.

    1. Jennifer Spice

      HI Barbara, Great question, we hope this is helpful, moderation is the quality of being moderate; restraint; avoidance of extremes or excesses; temperance.

  2. Tiffany Marshall

    The largest one you have… I am planning to get this for my cats to be able to enjoy the outdoors. *Hopefully* sometime this year. Looks big enough I can sit in there too!!

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