Why You Need a Portable PET GAZEBO®

Have you ever wanted to take your pet camping or on a road trip, but knew you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your trip and keep an eye on them the entire time? Advantek Pet developed a solution that allows you to take your furry friends with you wherever you go so they can be a part of the fun.


The PET GAZEBO®: Welcoming All Animals


Our PET GAZEBO® is a space for your pet to relax in and enjoy the fresh air while on your camping trip, spending time at home, dog shows, or anywhere you want to take them. The kennel helps you keep a closer eye on your pets when you are on the move. It gives you peace of mind knowing they are safe and not trapped in a small crate with little space to move around. The canopy also provides shade and protection to your pet whether it’s a warm, summer day or we are expecting some rain. The PET GAZEBO® is ideal for house pets whether you have a dog, cat, or even bunnies.


Durable and Convenient

The light-weight design and space-saving architecture make the PET GAZEBO® easy to assemble by yourself. Tools are not required for setup and the sturdy material is optimal for everyday use. You can carry your portable gazebo anywhere in our durable nylon tote bag, providing ease and convenience for travel. You can also connect multiple gazebos to increase space – the combinations are infinite! The PET GAZEBO® is also available in different sizes to suit your needs.

It is important to find a durable product that will withstand multiple assemblies. The nylon panel connectors are designed with this in mind, making the gazebo ideal for dogs-on-the-go and frequent travelers. The latching window also allows easy access to your pet without having to open the door for food, water, or a good scratch behind the ears. The kennel’s canopy is weather-resistant and reversible, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor use.


Simply the Best

PET GAZEBO® won a Best New Pet Product award from SuperZoo National Pet Show. There is no better option for creating a comfortable space for your pet – they can spend more time with their favorite owner! The flexibility of the gazebo and versatility of the structure make the possibilities endless for use. Our extended warranty also relieves any worries if your PET GAZEBO® breaks or is damaged.

Be anywhere you want to be with your pet. Visit AdvantekPet.com to view our products or contact us if you’re interested in carrying our products in your store.


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      We hope our earlier respones answered your question, if not our customer service department is ready to assist please call us toll free at 800-664-4939

    1. Jennifer Spice

      We are delighted to hear from you, the connectors, as well as replacement parts, can be purchased at the following retailers: Wayfair, Walmart, and Rural King. Or, you may contact our customer service department at 800-664-4939

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