You Got a New Pet! Now What?

Woman holding puppy

Getting a new pet and adding another member to your family is an exciting moment. Before you get too wrapped up in the excitement though, you should make sure you do everything you can to take care of your pet before they come home with you. What are the essential items on the new pet checklist when you want to bring your new furry friend home?

1. Food and Water

Before adopting or bringing a new animal into your home, it is crucial to determine how you will take care of it. Animals need to be fed, or have access to food and water, at least two to three times a day. Will you be able to keep up with a regular schedule to keep them in good health? Your pet will need food and water bowls, canned or dry food, and treats for when your furry companion deserves a reward.

2. Comfort and Care

Finding a safe and comfortable place to contain your pets—both indoor and outdoor—when you or your family are away for a substantial part of the day is also an important factor to consider as a pet owner. Not all crates, kennels, and exercise pens are built the same. Some are difficult to set up, do not provide the same levels of comfort, and don’t always last long. Pet gates can also ruin the walls of your home and can lose their strength over time. How do you keep your pet safely contained when you are away?

One option we can recommend and put our paws behind is the PET GAZEBO®. Designed to fit indoor, outdoor, and on-the-go lifestyles, the stylish, durable, and comfortable PET GAZEBO® is easy to assemble and has plenty of room for your pets to play. You can put a comfy bed, blankets, and your pet’s favorite things inside their PET GAZEBO®. The canopy protects them from the elements when you need to keep them outdoors for longer periods of time. On hot days, you can also connect your Pet Mister to keep them cool.

3. Hygiene and Health

Find the right veterinarian for your pet and determine the type of plan that will keep your pet healthy all year. Make sure to pick up some shampoo, conditioner, and other grooming essentials unless you plan on utilizing a grooming service to keep your animal’s coat clean and shiny and their nails neatly trimmed. Have some first aid supplies handy at home and on the go in case of an emergency.

4. Toys and Fun

Safety is always a priority, but there needs to be some room for fun too! Grab a leash or harness to keep your animal close to you on walks and some toys to keep them entertained. Don’t forget to grab some baggies to clean up after your pet on walks!

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  1. Ashley Beatrice

    Great post! I have been wanting a dog for 10 years. It was not possible since we lived in an apartment, and we did not have a yard. but when we moved to our first house with a backyard I was more insistent on getting a dog. 3 years later my husband surprised me with a great Pyrenees puppy. I admit I cried because I finally had my dog. well, we have had him for a month now he is 3 months old. and he has changed me for the better. he is incredibly smart and a big clunky love bug. he is so big that I often forget just how young he still is. so when I get frustrated I stand back to take a breath and its all ok. because he is so young and an awesome pupster.

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