4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Fourth of July family picnic.

Though Independence Day may be a fun holiday for humans, it can be scary and overwhelming for your pets. How can you ensure your pets stay safe on the 4th while you enjoy time with family and friends watching fireworks? Advantek Pet gives you our best 4th of July pet safety tips just in time for the celebration this week!

Safety On-the-Go

During the daytime, be safe at parks and picnics by setting up your PET GAZEBO® so your furry friends can enjoy the holiday fun. Parks are filled with dogs and a little bit of chaos during the holidays. There are usually other parties and families celebrating outdoors as well as fireworks starting to pop before the sun goes down.

Proper Identification

Make sure your pets are wearing their collars with the correct identification information on the tags, so they can be easily returned to you if they run off. If you have a microchip in your pet, then you can also locate them quickly, but check to see that this information is up to date.

Keep it Shady When it’s Sunny

Too much sun is dangerous for your pets. Keep them hydrated and in the shade for the sunniest parts of the day. Your PET GAZEBO® also offers them protection from the elements, and the sun shade gives them an extra layer of protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Also avoid leaving your pet in the car to enhance their safety and comfort. Sometimes, people make a quick trip to the grocery store and assume their pet will be safe, but this is not always the case. Be cautious to protect your furry companion.

Care and Comfort

Keep your pets safe in their PET GAZEBO® indoors and outdoors with blankets, their favorite toys, and anything that will make them feel more relaxed. You want to prevent them from running away and feeling scared when they start to hear all the loud popping sounds throughout the night.

If you are traveling with your pet, you can take your portable PET GAZEBO® with you. If you plan on leaving them home during the festivities, then we recommend hiring a pet sitter for the night, so they have some company.

Clean it Up

When the festivities and fireworks end, scan your yard to ensure there are no food scraps, firework debris, or anything else that could harm your pet. If you had a party or celebration at your home, then it is crucial to clean up to keep your pet safe. Remnants – and even some foods – are toxic to animals and can introduce negative health impacts. A quick trip around your yard can keep your pet healthy, happy, and safe!

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