5 Unique Chicken Coops That Hold Chickens With Style

Unique Chicken Coops We’d Die For

A quick search on Google or Pinterest will show you that there’s a large amount of unique chicken coops that are being made for stylish chickens these days. With access to so many resources, people have become more creative with the way they are housing their chickens. From tree-hugging hutches to hobbit-style homes, there are so many creative and unique chicken coops that it can get easily overwhelming. Here’s five of our favorite:

1. Tree-Hugger Hutch


Image via Living the Country Life

Living green has never been so stylish. This hutch features 3 separate floors for your chickens to roam on. The best part – they will always have a tree to hug!

2. Cooped Up, Up and Away


Image via Pioneer Settler

Your beloved chickens are bound to have a crazy adventure in space in this rocket-ship-inspired hutch. This coop will fit up to 9 chickens, so you’ll have the entire team you’ll ever need able to go to Mars, where we heard they have water!¬†Fresh eggs in space? Yes please!

3. Chicken Glamping


Image via Pioneer Settler

Ever heard of camping in your backyard? Well with this stylish glamper, your chickens will be able to every day! The benefits of this hutch are that it’s made out recycled pallet wood and it keeps your chickens save by being elevated from the ground. It can’t get much better than that in the world of unique chicken coops!

4. Hobbit Hutch


Image via Inventor Spot

Give your chickens a fabulous lifestyle in The Shire. Perfect for any Lord of The Rings fan, this hobbit hutch will¬†transform a backyard into a magical land where hopefully the Eye of Sauron isn’t watching. Warning: This coop may make your chickens want to eat two breakfasts.

5. Modern Chicken Box


Image via One Hundred Dollars a Month

This modern chicken coop is perfect for any urban gardener out there. Not only does it provide your chickens with a colorful and attractive space to live, but it also doubles as a rooftop garden. This way, you’ll get to have fresh spinach omelettes every day!

Which one of these is your favorite? While they are all very attractive, and some of the most unique chicken coops out there, it makes them very hard to come by and probably pretty difficult to build. For those of you who aren’t so good with hammers and nails, we have a variety of chicken coops that are very attractive and will provide your backyard chickens with a beautiful and functional place to live. Keep an eye out for new styles coming out in 2016 as well!

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