How to find a cool dog house without going broke

When it comes to providing for our pets we will go to any length to ensure their comfort and happiness. However, there are times when amenities may be cost prohibitive. But owning your own cool dog house doesn’t have to mean it will be an expensive dog house. Here we will discuss ways to get that cool dog house that will be the talk of the neighborhood and keep your pet cozy while not over spending.  


YEP! I can totally build my own cool dog house.

Fantastic! You’re a DIY person or one that knows their way around a toolbox. This method will be the most effective way to not break the bank. A simple internet search for designs or plans for cool dog houses (or the old fashioned way and seek out ideas at your local bookstore) revealed a lot of ideas and instructions on how to build a cool dog house using parts that are easily accessible from your neighborhood hardware store. The pieces you need may very well already be in your possession from previous projects. You never know what might be hiding in your garage.

If you’re a green driven person, utilizing recycled materials can create unique and cool dog houses too.  Here is one made from recycled glass bottles.

Recycled Cool Dog House Glass Bottles

You can also be innovative and add solar panels or a small herb rooftop garden to your cool dog house.

While there is no real advantage or market for a used dog house, you don’t have to avoid visiting garage sales or flea markets to find the idea for your cool dog house. Many items can be hollowed out or re-imagined to cater to you and and your pet’s personality.

Cool Dog House TV

That old wood encased televsion or armoire that someone wants to get rid of could be the perfect base to structure your very own DIY cool dog house.

NOPE. I have no artistic ability or time. Does that mean I can’t get a Cool Dog House?

Okay, so you don’t know which side of a hammer is which. That’s fine.  There are many options out there ranging from plastic to wood to the durable cypress fir that Advantek utilizes in our dog houses.

Shopping for the cool dog house that is the perfect match will take a little research. You want to make sure it is ideal for your pet. Since we all love our pets, we may tend to overthink the process. This is normal and nothing to worry about. We all want to provide the best quality that we can.

Start simple.

Where do you live? Is it urban, suburban or country? If you have a balcony of only 20 square feet on the 25th floor of a high rise apartment building in Chicago you need to think about… wind… cold? (More on climate choices next week.) But if you live in Florida where the grass stays green all year and space may not be limited, your options are much more vast.  What is the size of your pet? Just because we love a design doesn’t make it the right choice.

Cool Dog House Bigger Dog

Satchel may look happy in his cool dog house but we’d hate for him to bump his head.

Do you need to worry about predators? While we never want to think about it, we do need to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to protecting our pets.  Do you live in coyote or snake country? Don’t forget about the safety of your pet when searching for your cool dog house.  One option is to include your cool dog house inside of an enclosed structure. Advantek’s Pavilion Pet Gazebo is one such idea.  Inserting your cool dog house will provide your pet with additional protection.

There’s also the old fashioned way.  Go to your local retail locations and compare. While we may spend most of the time on the internet doing the research there’s still something about going out there and taking your pet with you (many pet stores welcome our furry family members inside) and letting them sniff out what cool dog house is for them.

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