How To Find The Right Dog Camping Gear

Help! I want to take my dog camping but I have no idea where to start! Is there dog camping gear? Are there laws and regulations? Is it even a good idea?

Yes, it’s a Great Idea, But Only With the Right Dog Camping Gear.

Our dogs complete our families and there’s every reason to bring them along when we venture out into the beauty of Mother Nature and go camping. Whether you want to get out, hike and be active all over the park or prefer to just read and sit by the campfire drinking cocoa and eating beans there’s many things that need to be considered for the health and safety of our pets.

Dog Camping Gear

Can we stay just one more day?

First and Foremost: Are dogs even allowed in campgrounds? Here’s a website dedicated to listing all pet friendly campgrounds across America.  Click here for pet friendly campgrounds in Canada.  This link gives all the details about pets in The National Parks.

Dog Camping Gear

Dude, we’re in Montana.

To help preserve nature and the safety of our pets there are necessities when going camping with our dogs. The dog camping gear list isn’t exclusive to items only relevant to going to the outdoors; as an example, the leash and collar (license and tags.) These are everyday items for our pets, but it’s best to have a leash with about twenty feet to it. This way it can be attached to a ground stake (also essential) in the campground to allow our dogs some free range.

The Pet Gazebo is a solution for your camping needs. With its convenient tote bag as an accessory it’s easy to bring pets along and this everyday home item turns into a great piece of dog camping gear.

Having our dogs secured while driving to the campground is the safe approach for transportation. Having a harness or a crate for your vehicle is essential. A quick internet search for dog travel crates reveals how many options are available. Adding this to the list of dog camping gear is a must.

Dog Camping Gear

It took forever to find parking for my truck.

Basic items to add to your list of dog camping gear.

Food and Water Dishes.

Poop Bags.



Clothes/Booties.  (See previous blog entry on the should I dress my dog debate.)

First Aid Kit.

Dog Camping Gear

Don’t forget the ointment.

This is a must. While we always think about one for us pet parents, it very well might not be compatible for our pets needs. It’s a much better idea to have one specifically for our four legged family members. We love our dogs and there’s no sense in not being prepared. There are a ton of options out there for Dog First Aid Kits. Click Here for an internet search so you can find one to add to your dog camping gear.

If your family sleeps in separate tents, don’t forget that our dogs need to be out of the elements and safe from predators at the campground.  While a bed may not be required, an adjacent tent so our dogs can have some privacy is an option too.

Dog Camping Gear

If you need me, I’ll be right over here.



When Hiking

Dog Camping Gear

This Moment.

Okay, so you’re the type that wants to venture out and travel the foot paths through nature. Our dogs can be the ultimate companion for the trek.  You should only bring pets that are well trained that listen and are obedient.  Just like we pack water and food for the hike do not forget to include extra for our pets. One option is to have dogs wear their own pack. This item is an option for your dog camping gear list.

Dog Camping Gear

Let’s do this!

The links at the top of the page will provide the information needed to see if pets are even allowed on hiking trails. Clearly a hike like Angels Landing in Zion National Park is not for our pets, but a thrilling hike nonetheless.  Much like us pet parents, we need to build up the strength to do certain hikes. The same applies for our pets. Have the vet conduct a physical to see if the body is able to handle such strenuous activity.  While at the vet it is best to make sure any vaccinations are up to date. Just like us pet parents, our dogs are vulnerable to ticks, poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. The dog booties are an essential item and should be added to your dog camping gear kit.

Have fun out there and be safe!

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Dog Camping Gear

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