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PET GAZEBO®, a perfect gift for the Howl-idays and beyond

At Advantek Pet, we’re committed to developing products that bring both comfort and joy to the furry members of your family. But as the holidays near, it’s hard not to think about the less fortunate pets who have either gone missing or haven’t yet found their forever family. Continue reading

Help Your Pet Have a Gourd Time on Halloween

Little girl and his dog in costumes on bed celebrating Halloween

You already know giving chocolate to your fur baby is a big no-no, but there are plenty of other Halloween pet safety tips many owners don’t think about right away. Here are some simple ways you can make Halloween a treat for your pet: Continue reading

You Got a New Pet! Now What?

Woman holding puppy

Getting a new pet and adding another member to your family is an exciting moment. Before you get too wrapped up in the excitement though, you should make sure you do everything you can to take care of your pet before they come home with you. What are the essential items on the new pet checklist when you want to bring your new furry friend home? Continue reading

How to Pick the Right Vet for Your Pet

Vet taking care of cat

Your pet’s wellness is a key element in keeping them happy and healthy. Their health can also directly impact your family’s health, as humans are susceptible to some of the diseases animals can carry. Even if your pet seems to be in good health, it is still crucial to visit your veterinarian regularly. How do you pick the right vet for your pet?

Ask Your Pet Friends

Who do your friends and family visit to take care of their animals? Referrals are always a great way to source the best care for your pet. No one would refer a vet where they had a negative experience. Get some recommendations to determine which pet professional will offer the highest quality care to your furry companions.

Focus on Friendly

What are the characteristics you look for in a veterinarian and their staff? Pay attention to their attitude, as this can give you insight into how they will treat your animals. Consider the level of customer service as well, as it is an important part of your experience. You would not want to leave the vet with a puppy dog pout, would you? Both you and your animal should be happy.

Flexible Hours

Is the veterinarian’s office only open during times when you are at work or have other commitments? Do they offer 24/7 emergency service? Having a flexible schedule is a valuable asset because your pet’s health is a priority, especially if something time-sensitive needs to be addressed. You need to make sure you can get to the vet without creating burdens in your schedule.

Quality Service

Before making a decision, read online reviews to see what other people are saying about the veterinarian and the care they received. When a vet is busy, it typically means there is good service. Take this into consideration though when booking appointments. If it is difficult to schedule something, then it could be hard to see the vet when an emergency arises. Look for comments that highlight reliability, safety, and comfort.

Peruse Prices

Pet care can be costly depending on your animal’s needs, but it should also be affordable. For instance, purchasing a pet insurance plan should not put a strain on your finances. Determine the type of care your pet needs and shop around for prices before purchasing a comprehensive plan.

Lookout for Location

Where is the vet located? In the event of an emergency, you want to be close enough to the office that you can get your pet the care and attention they need. The location should be close enough to your home that you never have to go out of your way to get there in a reasonable amount of time. Depending on how well your pet does with travel, you will want to consider travel time to make them feel comfortable.

Bonus tip: if your pet has surgery and needs a safe place to rest and recover, set up your PET GAZEBO® to let them heal properly.

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7 Foods Your Pet Should Not Eat

Dog eating table scraps

Maintaining and nourishing your pet’s health is crucial to giving them the healthiest and safest lifestyle they deserve. What may be tasty to humans can be toxic to dogs, cats, and other house pets. Advantek Pet lists the people foods your furry friends should not eat to stay happy and healthy.

1. Chocolate and Caffeine

Any chocolate or caffeinated products can cause seizures, heart problems, and several other health issues that can affect your animal long term. Any sweets or high sugar foods should be out of reach from your pets at all times. You should also avoid feeding them gum, candy, and any baked goods. Make sure to inform your younger children that they cannot share their sweets with your family’s pets.

2. Fruits

Citrus fruits can upset your animal’s stomach and are especially dangerous because they can cause nervous system depression. Ingesting small amounts will not be harmful to your pet, but you should not intentionally give them anything citrusy. Fruits like grapes and raisins are also known to cause kidney failure. Though coconut is known to only cause minor stomach discomfort and diarrhea, you should steer clear of this fruit to be safe. Coconut water should be avoided altogether, as it is high in potassium and can affect your pet’s kidneys.

3. Onions and Garlic

Foods like onions, garlic, and other similar kitchen ingredients can create gastrointestinal issues for your pet. It can also lead to red blood cell damage, and cats will have a greater risk if exposed. Dogs should avoid these foods as well, as large amounts will cause similar issues.

4. Raw Foods

Raw foods aren’t healthy for humans to ingest, which means your animals should avoid them completely. Bacteria, such as Salmonella or E. coli, are harmful to both pets and people. These bacteria can be found in raw or undercooked eggs, meats, and bones.

5. Milk and Dairy

Surprisingly, most cats are lactose intolerant regardless of popular belief that cats love milk. Your pets should stay away from milk and dairy products because their digestive systems are not meant to handle these types of products.

6. Fatty Foods

Even healthy fats like nuts and avocado can be toxic to animals and cause a slew of problems, including vomiting and diarrhea. Macadamia nuts specifically can cause depression, tremors, weakness, and hyperthermia in dogs. Imagining the discomfort your pet could be in is reason enough to avoid feeding them these foods.

7. Table Scraps

Even though your pet may beg by your side while you enjoy your tasty meals, they should not eat table scraps, as there may be some ingredients in your food that your children do not know are harmful to animals. As sad as it is to see that puppy dog pout or innocent face looking up at you, do your pet a favor in keeping them healthy.

For a full list of foods your pets should avoid, visit the ASPCA to learn more.

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The Emergence of Stylish and Modern Pet Containment

Dog getting pampered.

There is more to taking care of your pet than buying the right food and making regular trips to the vet. Pet containment is a crucial part of keeping your pet safe indoors and outdoors. How do you securely and stylishly keep your pet in one space? Advantek Pet discusses the emergence of modern pet containment that provides safety, comfort, and peace for your pets.

Safety First

Locking your pet in a room or tying their leash to a tree outdoors are not safe ways to contain your pets. It is important to effectively communicate with your pet, as your top priority is their well-being. The PET GAZEBO® stands tall with designer or reversible, heat-resistant canopies that protect animals from the sun and rain. There is also a spacious entrance for your pet and a drop-down window, giving your pet easy access to food, water, and some head scratches for being good.

Strength and Style

The PET GAZEBO® is durable. It protects your pet from the elements and contain even the strongest breeds. Replacement parts also keep your gazebo strong over time. The design is simple and more unique than ordinary crates, kennels, and exercise pens. As responsible pet owners, it is our job to find the best containment solutions for our pets. It can be difficult to find something functional and fashionable. The canopy covers allow you to pick the most stylish option for your pet, adding some flair and character.

Catering to Any Pet, Anywhere

Is your dog a diva? Does your cat belong on the catwalk? The PET GAZEBO® caters to any pet that needs safe and stylish containment. Your pet can relax and have fun in a space that fits their personality whether indoor, outdoor, or on the go. Enjoy the fresh air at the park with your pet or plan a beach day with your portable gazebo. The PET GAZEBO® is designed for easy transport and setup.

New Trends

Function and safety continue to be top-selling features for crates and kennels, but style is also emerging as a new trend. Pet parents want something that works well for their animals and has aesthetic qualities. Even though pet owners have a wider selection to choose from, not all options offer the same flexibility as the PET GAZEBO®.

Most containment options include pet gates to place between walls and rooms. Unfortunately, these options create limits for pet parents. Pet gates can only be used indoors, forcing owners to find two separate indoor and outdoor solutions. Other crates, kennels, and exercise pens do not provide the same shade for pets, as they are typically structured without a roof or canopy that provides shade. The PET GAZEBO® is a trendy, practical solution for indoor and outdoor purposes. Instead of blocking off a large portion of your home to your pet, you can create their own corner to make them feel special!

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Why Do Dogs Curl into a Ball when they Sleep?

Sleeping French Bulldog

How many times have you watched your dog take a nap or cozy up in their bed for the night in an odd position? Do they lay stretched out on the floor, with their paws up in the air, or curl up in a tight ball? Advantek Pet lists the reasons why your pup could be curling up when they snooze to help you better understand these unusual positions. Continue reading

Asphalt Awareness during Summer Heat Waves

Dog's paws on asphalt.

Do you live in a state like sunny Southern California where Advantek Pet’s headquarters are housed? If you do, then you are probably doing everything you can to keep you and your pets cool this summer. Advantek Pet wants to make pet owners aware of asphalt conditions during summer heat waves and what you can do to keep your pets safe. Continue reading

4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Fourth of July family picnic.

Though Independence Day may be a fun holiday for humans, it can be scary and overwhelming for your pets. How can you ensure your pets stay safe on the 4th while you enjoy time with family and friends watching fireworks? Advantek Pet gives you our best 4th of July pet safety tips just in time for the celebration this week! Continue reading