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Tips for Taking Care of Your Pet After Surgery

When our furry friends need surgery or procedures performed, it can be a sad and confusing time for them, especially if they are forced to wear a cone until they are completely healed. How can you know the best way to take care of your pet when they are trying to recover? Advantek Pet gives you our best tips for taking care of your pet post-surgery.

Be Ready in an Emergency

Your pet’s well-being is important. It can be difficult to know the right solution when you are concerned for their health and need answers immediately. Have your veterinarian or 24-hour emergency center’s phone numbers on hand in case you need to reach a professional. Veterinarians understand how much you love your animal and they are available to help you. Don’t feel as if you are bothering them when it comes to your pet’s health and healing. Take the necessary steps to ensure you are prepared if your pet needs immediate attention. 

Pay Attention to Instructions

When your pet is released after surgery, pay close attention to the instructions the staff will review with you. Ask them plenty of questions to ensure you can give your pet the best care as they recover from their procedure. How long do they need to be confined for? How often do you have to replace bandages, if any? When do you need to schedule a follow up appointment? Do you have all the proper medications? Ask these questions and more when you receive instructions for your pet’s post-op care. There is not one set of answers for each pet’s recovery, as each case will vary based on their specific treatment.

Keeping your Pet Clean

Most animals’ first instinct is to groom themselves when there is a wound on their body that needs attention. Though the cone is supposed to prevent this, make sure to keep an eye on the affected area. If it starts to become dirty or needs some attention, most vets recommend using a towel and warm water to clean the area. Using alcohol or peroxide can cause your pet pain and may slow down the healing process.

A Speedy Recovery

According to petMD, one of the best ways to speed up the recovery process is by “confining your pet after surgery.” How can you make sure your pet stays in one place without making them feel claustrophobic? The PET GAZEBO® keeps your pet in a confined, but spacious area to help them heal quickly and comfortably. You can move the PET GAZEBO® to other rooms inside your house, fill it with blankets, and make sure your pet has food and water close to them. Your pet can heal in peace without wandering throughout the house and accidentally harming the affected area.

Are you interested ordering a PET GAZEBO® for your pet? Contact Advantek Pet today to learn more about buying our products or selling them in your store!

5 Reasons Why Advantek Pet Loves Animals

When Advantek Pet develops products for animals, we have comfort, style, and care in mind. We created the PET GAZEBO® because we love animals and understand their well-being, health, and lifestyle are just as important as our own. This week, Advantek Pet is dedicating our blog to our furry friends by listing out the reasons why we love them so much.

1. They’re so darn cute.

Advantek Pet can’t get enough of animals. Whether it’s those puppy dog eyes or the calming purr of a kitten, we fall even more in love with pets. We always want to take pictures of them and share them with the world! No matter how hard it can be to capture that perfect picture if they’re energetic and can’t sit still, the camera always seems to get them at the best angle whether they’re peacefully sleeping or running around the backyard.

2. They are your best friend.

At the end of the day, pets are our true best friends. We see them when we wake up in the morning and when we go to sleep at night. We take them on fun walks where they chase squirrels or butterflies, buy them that new squeaky toys, give them treats when they’re exceptionally good, and always want to spend a lot of time with them. Advantek Pet loves spending time with animals because they make us smile knowing we always have loyal companions.

3. Animals unconditionally love you.

If pets could speak our language, we know they would tell us how much they love us every day. You can easily see it in their eyes. You know that look, right? When you come home from a long day at work and their eyes light up the moment they see you. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world and it reminds you that you are loved by them. Animals look up to us and enjoy our presence; it is heart-warming to know their love is endless. The only exception to this may be when we take them to the groomer for baths or to the vet for their health checkup, but we know they still love us in the end!

4. They are always there for you and good for your health.

It’s been researched time and time again why having a pet is beneficial for your health. Harvard Health Publishing offers, “The American Heart Association (AHA) released a scientific statement associating pet ownership with reduced heart disease risk factors and great longevity.” Pets have been proven to enhance our health but are also always there for us. They protect us, teach us, and are great to snuggle with on the hardest days to make us feel better.

5. They can instantly change your mood.

Did you have a bad day at work? Or are you just having an off day? We love how our pets can always change our mood. They can make us easily forget about the bad and remember to think about the positive moments in our lives. There is something to be said for that unwavering love and loyalty that works like a magic pill to change our moods.

How much do you love your pet? Get them a comfortable, stylish PET GAZEBO® today to show them how you care. Contact Advantek Pet to buy our products or to learn more about selling them.

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What Comes First: The Size of the Pet or the Gazebo?

It’s a simple, age-old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? At Advantek Pet, we want to help you determine which comes first, but with your pets. Which comes first for you? The size of the pet or the gazebo? There are a few things to consider before purchasing a PET GAZEBO® or adding a new furry friend to your family.


A Shift in Sizes


At Advantek Pet, we are developing new models to accommodate animals and their needs. Initially, we had designated PET GAZEBO® as small, medium, and large. To help you better identify the correct size for your pet, we are now focusing on the physical size dimensions and your dog’s weight.


Expanding Your Family


When thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, you should consider all the expenses that come with taking care of an animal. There are several things you need, including a bed, food, toys, and a kennel to protect them from the elements in your backyard or give them a stylish place to sleep indoors. We think the size of the pet comes first because it is crucial to find an animal you connect with and love, which is why we design our PET GAZEBO® with this in mind. No matter what size your pet is, Advantek Pet has the perfect size for your pet.


The Indoor Lifestyle


Sometimes our pets like to spend some time indoors. They can relax with their family, rest after visits to the vet, and stay in one space during special events so they aren’t in the way, but still have room for some puppy love and attention. A smaller PET GAZEBO® is ideal for these moments and dogs who live an indoor lifestyle. You can purchase a PET GAZEBO® for your pet’s size requirements, but also have smaller ones on hand that your pet can still fit comfortably in for sleeping, resting, or staying in one place when you have company over. The smaller kennel saves space and also gives your pet access to their own personal space indoors.




Pet stores sell exercise pens, crates, and kennels with different requirements to find the right size for your animal. It can be difficult to discern which kennel will be the best fit for your pet. Most are either too confining or too simple. Choosing a size for your PET GAZEBO® is effortless because it is done by designating size and weight. It includes various features to protect your pet outdoors, such as the reversible canopy and sun shade.


The PET GAZEBO® provides a stylish, comfortable place for your pets to relax in your backyard, on camping trips, and even inside your home. Interested in buying or selling our products? Learn more by visiting our website to contact us today.

Pet Preparation for Emergencies and Disasters

In the event of an emergency, you probably have a kit ready with the essentials – water, non-perishable food, money, and other important items packed in a bag you can quickly grab to sustain you during an emergency. How prepared are you to protect your pet in emergencies though? Advantek Pet is going to breakdown the items you need to keep in your emergency kit to keep your furry friends safe and comfortable.


Animal Essentials and Identification

Gather enough food, water, and snacks for your pet to make sure they are well-fed and taken care of if you have to evacuate in a hurry. You should also ensure they are always wearing their collar to have a form of identification and have any immunization records on hand. Make sure to also pack their leash or any other special items you regularly use.


Rescue Alert Stickers

When you place a rescue alert sticker on your window or front door, you are notifying rescue workers that there are animals in your home. You can note what types of animals you have along with how many. Sometimes disasters and emergencies occur so quickly that it is crucial to be prepared in every way possible. Place the sticker in a highly visible area near the front of your home so it is easily seen.


A Safe Place for Your Pet

Part of your emergency kit should include your PET GAZEBO® to keep your pet safe and out of harm’s way wherever you decide to go. Are you going to be spending some time at a family or friend’s house? If they have other animals or don’t have a lot of space for your pet, your portable pet kennel is a safe place for them. The same holds true for pet-friendly hotels. If your entire family is staying in a hotel, it can easily get crowded in the room. Your PET GAZEBO® keeps your pet in one space where you can easily feed and comfort them. It is also easy to grab and take anywhere with the durable nylon tote bag.

Also make sure to have enough comfortable bedding or blankets for them. Disasters that are a product of inclement weather can leave your pet feeling cold, especially when their fur is not adequate enough at keeping them warm. Emergencies and disasters can easily make your pet feel on edge or worried. You want to create a safe space for them that does not contribute to the hectic and unstable nature of an emergency situation.


Emergency Contacts

Have a list of emergency contacts on hand in case your pet needs medical attention. Where are the nearest vets? What is your veterinarian’s phone number? Do you know friends or family members who could take care of your pet if you cannot find a pet-friendly hotel? Knowing this information ahead of time can make an emergency situation much easier on everyone, including your animal.

A little preparation can go a long way. Advantek Pet’s PET GAZEBO® is light-weight and easy to assemble. Get yours today and add it to your pet’s emergency kit! Are you interested in carrying Advantek Pet’s products in your store? We want to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Advantek Pet’s PET GAZEBO® Works All Year

Advantek Pet loves animals and created the PET GAZEBO® with our furry friends in mind to provide a safe, shady, and spacious place for them to relax. In our last blog, we told you why you need a PET GAZEBO®. This week, we are going to tell you more about why the PET GAZEBO® works well all year round – rain or shine!


Cool on summer days. Dry on rainy days.


Advantek Pet takes a personal approach when designing products for our pets. Our portable dog kennel protects your pet from the elements – rainy, windy, or sunny days don’t stand in the way of keeping your best friend comfortable. The PET GAZEBO® is available with a reversible roof that keeps your pet content with temperature control features. In cooler weather, the brown side of the canopy absorbs warmth from the sun, while in warmer weather, the white side of the canopy helps keep your pet cool.


Portability for indoor and outdoor pets.


Designed with pets and backyards in mind, the PET GAZEBO® is ideal for outdoor use to give your pets the luxurious outdoor lifestyle they deserve. You can also select your preferred canopy color to add some style to your PET GAZEBO®. If you have indoor pets or just want to bring your animals inside, the kennel’s portability makes it easy to move and set up indoors. Set up the PET GAZEBO® indoors for dogs, cats, bunnies, and any other small animals you love to spend time with inside.


No hassle for the holidays.


Do you have family and friends over during the holidays? Pets can easily get in the way when you have a home filled with guests and a busy kitchen. Sometimes our furry friends can get curious when there are an abundance of food and people gathered in one area, which can lead to accidents. You don’t want to harm your pet or stall your holiday festivities due to an unplanned trip to the vet. The PET GAZEBO® keeps your pets safe and out of the way when setting up for holiday parties and other gatherings. It also gives them more space to relax than feeling confined in a crate.


Do you leave town for the holidays to go on your annual camping trip? You shouldn’t have to miss spending time with your pet during special occasions and holidays. You can keep an eye on them for the entirety of your trip without worrying about them running off their leash and away from you. It also protects them from other animals on the camping site or any wildlife, depending on your trip’s location.


The kennel gives you the opportunity to take your pets with you wherever you go whether it’s to your camping trip by the lake or to grandma’s backyard.


Be anywhere you want to be with your pet and give them the outdoor lifestyle they deserve. Visit to view our products or contact us if you’re interested in carrying our products in your store.